Tuesday, March 24, 2015


The absurdity of DeflateGate reached its zenith on January 26 when Fox "insider" Jay Glazer
gave the world his scoop on all the inflated ball poop. He tweeted (what else)  there was
surveillance video of a ball boy taking 24 balls into a bathroom for 90 seconds before going
out onto the field before the AFC Championship game.

Experts from around the country quickly weighed in that, yes, it was possible to measure
12 of the Patriots balls, let some air out,  then measure them again to see if they were
just the way Tom Brady likes them in 90 seconds! Right, maybe if they were a fully-trained
NASCAR crew they could do that.


And no, nobody ever had to use the bathroom for anything else than deflating freakin'
footballs before a game.

The entire DeflateGate saga which hasn't even been resolved yet, making the length of
 the investigation now longer than the filming of "The Godfather" trilogy and The Warren
Commission's report on the assassination of JFK combined, is the biggest embarrassment
in NFL history.


The most powerful league in sports and a brand that ranks up there with Coke,  Apple,
and Nike, is run by a commissioner who makes north of $30 million a year, yet has the
leadership skills of Sarah Palin. I'm sure if Katie Couric asked Roger Goodell to name
a magazine that he reads religiously, he'd have trouble coming up with one of them, too.

I don't know, maybe I'm the idiot, for thinking DeflateGate provided enough hot air to
fill Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and every one of those giant balloons in the Macy's
Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. It was, and still is flat-out ridiculous.

After Chris Mortenson of ESPN broke the story on January about the Patriots using
deflated footballs in the the team's thrashing of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC
Championship, the world became more obsessed with it than they are with everything
Kim Kardashian, Facebook, and Twitter.

Oh, sure. the entire country believed Mortenson because he or ESPN never get anything
wrong. (See Bernie Fine). The media picked up and ran with it like one of those looters
carrying a television after the Ferguson riots broke out. They fell all over themselves
trying to cast the Patriots as cheaters--again. After all, if they got caught cheating once
(Spygate) they just had to be doing it again.

Mark Brunell of ESPN was brought to tears after listening to Tom Brady give his
side of the story. The former quarterback all but questioned Brady's character, which
seemed a bit funny, since Brunell  filed Chapter 11 several years ago, leaving
creditors holding an $11 million bag. If Brunell was a man of character, he would've
found a way to pay back everybody like Michael Vick, who paid every penny of his
$18 million debt after being outed and sent to prison for killing dogs.

Goodell, who claims that he's available to the media every single day, was nowhere
to be found and left the Patriots twisting in wind and served them up as a Pinata to
be bashed by every Patriot hater in the nation, and Lord knows, there are millions of
them, especially those who cheer for teams whose only claim to winning anything is
the first pick in the NFL draft several times over.

It's ludicrous the Patriots had to deal with the absurdity of DeflateGate while trying
to prepare for Super Bowl. Bill Belichick is in Beast Mode trying to find a way to
stop Marshawn Lynch and he's got to answer stupid questions about deflated balls.

Any other team would've melted under the absurdity of DeflateGate and used it
as an excuse and a distraction. Not the Patriots, the most mentally tough team in all
of sports, used it as fuel them to a win a fourth Super Bowl in 14 years.

It was so comical that "Saturday Night Live" led off  a show spoofing DeflateGate,
which provided more comedic relief than all the ridiculous opinions and expert
analysis we had to listen to for two straight weeks, 24/7

Roger Goodell and the NFL screwed up a lot of things over the years from Bounty-Gate
replacement referees, and the domestic violence cases, but DeflateGate exposed the
league's incompetence.

They call in all these experts and investigators of "great character" and they still can't
come up with anything on their "investigation" of 12 footballs. We're talking about
12 pigskins, not 12 cases of people infected with the Ebola virus.

The NFL will always succeed in spite of itself. Sorry, but the sporting public doesn't
care about concussions, PED's, and sadly, domestic violence issues. They love football
with bigger, stronger, and faster players. It's a sport of gladiators and just like the
spectators at the Coliseum in Rome, fans in NFL stadiums love games with speed,
collisions, and violence.

Not even Roger Goodell can screw up the NFL and it's money-making machine, but
DeflateGate is not anything the league should ever be proud of. It's an embarrassment
of epic proportions.

I'm sure the next time Goodell meets the media he'll say, "Yes, we had the highest-rated
Super Bowl ever and received a record $4 million per 30-second spots for commercials.
Aren't we great?"

No, you're not. The way you handled DeflateGate validated the league's incompetence
and credibility. Again.

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