Friday, March 20, 2015


Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson once said, "If Charles Manson could run a 4.3 40-yard
dash, I'd sign him."

The man who rebuilt the Dallas Cowboys was being facetious of course, but that type of
mindset still rules the NFL---sadly.

This past week, Johnson's former team, signed Greg Hardy to a one-year deal that could be
worth $13 million, which is about three million dollars more than Tom Brady will make as
a four-time Super Bowl champion.

Last year, while chained to the NFL commissioner's exempt list, Hardy collected $13
million from the Carolina Panthers for playing all of one game. It's certainly great money
if you can get it, but the chance Hardy is getting to return to action is almost as incredulous
as the amount of cash Hardy made while he didn't even play.

Hardy was arrested last May for allegedly threatening to kill his girlfriend. According to
court documents, the Pro Bowl defensive end threw his girlfriend on a couch where he
had laid out six automatic weapons just moments before. Hardy then asked his girlfriend
which gun she wanted to be killed with.

Yep, a real class guy.

Well, Hardy was convicted, then appealed to have a jury hear his case, which was then
dropped after his girlfriend refused to cooperate with the judicial system thanks to
getting a nice financial package from Hardy to keep her mouth shut.

Hardy was then released by the Panthers, thus making him a free-agent. In search of
a fearsome pass-rusher, Jerry Jones, opened his wallet and rewarded Hardy for essentially
having great talent, even though he showed psychopathic tendencies. When the mayor
of Dallas complained about the team, Jones assured him the Cowboys did a thorough
background check of Hardy.


Right, that was real extensive. Right, and the New England Patriots did an extensive
background check on Aaron Hernandez, too. How'd that turn out?

Something tells me the Cowboys were updating their Facebook status and conveniently
missed the part about Hardy terrorizing his girlfriend  with those six guns and threatening
to blow her to pieces.  If you did that in the real business, your employer would pack
up your boxes and have them on the street next  to you before you could say, "But wait,
I can explain everything."

Hardy didn't have to explain anything. He just reminded the Cowboys of the 15 sacks
he had the year before and Jerry Jones flashed his trademark grin and made Hardy
a millionaire 13 times over. Again.

When scouting players, personnel people will say that past performance indicates
future performance. A few people in the mental health field have said that past behavior
is indicative of future behavior. The Cowboys plugged their eardrums for that one.

But good, golly, Jerry wants another Super Bowl trophy for his world. He's been
shut out since he gave Johnson a big check to shut up and go away and Jones is still
aching to prove to the NFL world he can win it all without the football and business
acumen of Johnson.

So, Jones rolled the dice and got the game-changing pass rusher he thinks can catapult
the Cowboys to the promised land. And all the hype and hubbub about the NFL's personal
conduct policy is an absolute joke, really.

It doesn't matter if you were about to occupy a jail cell next to Manson, just as long
as you have the ability to single handedly change the game and help a team win.
What you did in the past as a person means absolutely nothing.

It's amazing. Or not really.

Josh Brent killed a teammate while drunk out of his mind. He spent 6 months in
prison then the Cowboys rewarded him with a contract extension.

Donte Stallworth killed a pedestrian while drunk out of his mind several years ago.
He spent a whopping 23 days in jail and then signed a fat contract with the Baltimore

Yep, you can actually kill people and not only keep your job, but be rewarded
handsomely for it. Just as long as you can stretch the field, be a shutdown corner,
or tear off a quarterback's head coming from his blind side, money, power, and
fame can be yours

After Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Hardy got arrested last year, the NFL put
on this big dog-and-pony show saying they have to clean up their act. They brought
in all these experts to deal with domestic violence cases and here we have the
psychopath Greg Hardy and he gets millions to sign with the Dallas Cowboys.

Where is the outrage from the Roger Goodell and the league?

The bottom line is, the NFL cares about only one thing: money. They can have
10 guys arrested and it still will not matter. The sponsors aren't going anywhere.
The league is too big, too powerful, and too rich for their "bad image" to really

Is America going to not watch football anymore? Stop it. Most of us could care
less if the players are juiced up on steroids, Adderall, and getting arrested every
other week and the NFL cares even less than we do. They can put on the good
face, throw out their independent studies and investigations, but they don't really
care just as long as the golden goose is still running like a well-oiled machine.

Nobody will jump to sign Ray Rice because he has too many miles on him
and he's not worth the headache that will come with his signing. You can bet
Adrian Peterson will be running over, through, and around guys next year with
some team, if not the Minnesota Vikings.

The NFL has made it clear: if you have great talent, there will always been a place
on the roster and a fat paycheck for your wallet.

Hardy is laughing all the way to the bank. He played one game last season and
made $13 million and that's a heckuva lot more than Brady made in helping the
Patriots win  another Super Bowl

It's insane but that's how the NFL operates. Do you think they even blinked when
San Francisco's Joe Borland retired after just one year? Hardly. There are a 1,000
more players waiting to replace him. Nobody will miss Borland. Nobody.

The NFL is king and so is great talent. Goodell will tell you the league is trying
to clean up its image problem. Don't believe him, Jerry Jones, or any other owner
in the league. It's all about winning and money. That's the bottom line, always
has been, always will be.

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