Thursday, March 5, 2015


Alex Rodriguez, MLB's face of lying, cheating, and self-absorbtion, made his first
appearance in a game Wednesday, albeit a spring training one, after serving the
longest suspension in league history.

When introduced before his first at-bat, A-Rod received a mix of cheers and boos,
which wasn't unlike the reaction he received long before he was outed as a drug
cheat in 2009. That can happen to anybody who is good-looking, talented, and the
highest-paid player in the game. Some people like you, while others despise you.

That's life, it happens.

But if A-Rod is worried about the reaction he'll get when the games count, he really
shouldn't be. Fans can only boo so much before it grows old and tiresome and besides,
as history shows, baseball fans are the most forgiving, if not idiotic ones out there.

In 1985, Keith Hernandez was one of several players who went to the Pittsburgh drug
trials and admitted to not only using cocaine for three years, but distributing it as well.
When he returned to the Mets, I vividly recall the fans giving him a standing ovation
when he was introduced for his first at-bat. Yeah, that's cool, Keith, we don't care if
you blow coke up your nose just as long as you help us win! All was forgotten.

In 2013, Nelson Cruz, then with the Texas Rangers, served a 50-game suspension
for his role in the Biogenesis scandal. It happened right smack dab in the middle of
a pennant race. Cruz returned on September 30 for a tie-breaking game against the
Detroit Tigers and received a standing ovation from the Rangers' fans. Yep, cheat
your ass off, cripple the team during the pennant race, but we will still love you
just as long as you produce and can help us win!

A-Rod, in the court of public opinion which is fueled by the unforgiving media,
you are a liar, cheater, and pretty much a narcissistic dirt bag. But baseball fans,
especially Yankee ones, DO NOT CARE about what you do off the field just as
long as you produce and help the team win. That's all that matters. Do you think
people really want to spend the energy to boo you?

And if they do boo it'll be because you hit like Mario Mendoza not because you
fueled your body with enough PED's to satisfy the entire UFC circuit. Baseball
fans about your cheating ways. Quite honestly, management doesn't
really care either, just as long as you produce.

Management in Baltimore and Seattle didn't care about the cheating ways of Nelson
Cruz that's for sure. Just as long as the dude can crush bombs at a frenetic pace
a big contract will be there waiting for him. I'm sure the fans in Seattle will love
the team's new acquisition as long as he goes yard and styles on 'SportsCenter.'

Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Jason Giambi were all big-time cheaters but nobody
turned their back on them just as long as they produced. They didn't crumble under
the fear that fans were going to boo them. Fans if you cheated. Hit
25 bombs and drive in 100 runs and you'll be just fine A-Rod.

A-Rod don't worry about a thing. Michael Vick killed dogs, Donte Stallworth
killed a man, Josh Brent killed a teammate and they still got cheered and received
nice fat contracts. You only did what 75 percent of the rest of league did: cheated.

Forget about being labeled as the biggest cheater in MLB history. While the media
never will, the fans most definitely will. They are fans, intoxicated by celebrity,
and obsessed with winning. Love you or hate you, they pay to see you, which is
stupid, but hey, it's there money not mine.

Be not afraid, A-Rod. Just produce a little and the fans will cheer and perhaps even
give you a standing ovation.


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