Monday, February 2, 2015


Warren Sapp is either dumb or really, really dumb.

The NFL Hall of Famer and former analyst of the NFL Network was arrested Monday
morning for  allegedly soliciting a prostitute and assault. Within hours of his mug shot
being splashed across the Internet and social media,  he was canned from his cushy
television job.

Warren Sapp, hello? Did you not learn anything from what you've been commenting on
in the NFL with all the scandals that blackened the eye of the league that you work for?

Did you not learn anything from former colleague, Darren Sharper, who was fired after
being arrested on several sexual assault charges?

Perhaps, you missed reading about Greg Anthony, a former NBA player and CBS basketball
analyst, who was arrested less than two weeks ago for soliciting a prostitution.

What the heck were you thinking?

I realize that this wasn't your first brush with the law and you've played with fire many
times before. There was that arrest before the 2010 Super Bowl for domestic battery but
those charges were dropped and you kept your job.

I know that you failed a drug test prior to the NFL Draft the year that you went from sure-
fire top-5 pick to the 12th one overall. Yes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trusted that you'd
clean up your act and stay clean--and you did, turning into a Hall of Famer.

But off the field, you just turned into another statistic and gave the league that employs
you another black eye.

What is the deal with athletes turned broadcasters and prostitution? They're on television
getting paid millions of dollars to wear fancy suits and talk about sports and then they
have to go out and pay for sex. Is it an adrenaline rush tempting fate and playing with
the devil. Seriously?

Anthony embarrassed CBS two weeks ago by paying a lady of the night to come to
his room, then Sapp does the same to his employer by enticing two ladies of the night
to stop by his room at 7 o'clock in the morning.

With all their money, fame, and standing, those guys actually have to pay for sex? I
just don't get.

Sapp played with fire for so long, he was bound to go down in flames and he did. He
was filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and have to sell off his massive collection of shoes.
But he was still employed by the NFL Network and then made the Hall of
Fame, which just about guarantees an income for the rest of an enshrinee's life.

How do you blow that? Sapp certainly found a way and it's mind-boggling. I'm
not sure he'll ever recover from this one.

He goes from the Hall of Fame one minute to the Hall of Shame the next. Incredible.


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