Wednesday, February 18, 2015


When it comes to anything in sports, no fan base overreacts like the one in Boston. Remember
when the Patriots got blown out by Kansas City during the fourth week of the season? Yeah, they
jumped ship as if the entire team was infected with the Ebola virus. They said Tom Brady was done
and Bill Belichick couldn't evaluate talent anymore.

Yeah, how'd that one turn out?

Forget about the snow, the sky is now falling in Boston once again. An unflattering shot of Pablo
Sandoval was tweeted out and Red Sox nation is falling all over themselves because the Kung Fu
Panda appears to be pregnant---with triplets.

Yep, so that is the hot-button topic that could melt the mounds of snow in the Commonwealth.

Just as the overreaction was to the Patriots demise, the "Pablo is fat and out of shape" cries are comical

This just in. Pablo Sandoval now is no different than the third baseman who helped the
San Francisco Giants win the World Series in 2014 and two other ones. There is a reason
he is called the "Kung Fu Panda" and its not because of his distinct black and white

Sandoval is a dough-boy, always has been, probably always will be. The Red Sox didn't just drop
a $100 million contract the panda without doing their homework. Panda didn't pump up on steroids,
all those late-night, post-game spreads are most likely to be the culprit for his expanding waistline.

It doesn't matter.

Sandoval is a .294 career hitter, who although has never driven in 100 runs in any season,
can also play great defense. His gut has never gotten in the way of his hitting or fielding, so
all this talk about his belly is ridiculous.

If Bill Belichick evaluated Sandoval, he'd say, "He is what he is." That's an out-of-shape
ballplayer who produces. That's the bottom line.

If Sandoval doesn't produce, then Red Sox nation can start yelling at him to 'mix in a salad'.
But it's not even the first week of official spring training. Would you rather see a ripped-up
player who can't hit his weight or a soft and chunky Sandoval who is going to hit .300 with
20 home runs and 90 RBI's?

In the immortal words of Aaron Rodgers, "R-e-l-a-x", Boston, just relax, It's not a bad thing
to enjoy the Super Bowl victory a little while longer.

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