Friday, February 27, 2015


Kevin Stallings, the longtime Vanderbilt basketball coach, was caught on-camera
Thursday night berating one of his players for an apparent lack of sportsmanship.
"I'll (effin) kill you, Stallings said.


After the entire Mike Rice episode at Rutgers University, did Stallings not learn a
thing? Will the administration at Vanderbilt doing anything to Stallings after his
inappropriate comments on national television? Maybe they should attend more
of his practices that aren't attended by the media. A basketball coach yelling,
"I'll (effin) kill you" to a 18-year old kid?


Baldwin was caught on camera clapping as a Tennessee player went by after the game.
One of the assistant coaches for the Volunteers informed Stallings of Baldwin's actions
and without getting his side of the story or seeing it on tape, Stallings launched
into his "I'll kill you" tirade, which was Bobby Knight-esque.

In his explanation to the media after the game, Stallings said:

"One of our players acted inappropriately and violated what we believe is good
sportsmanship following the game," Stallings said.

Acted inappropriately? How would described how you acted on national television, Mr.

Stallings said the player violated what we believe is good sportsmanship following the game.

Mr. Stallings, would you say you violated any decent human beings standards for
sportsmanship and respect?

What gives you, as a leader and employee of the university, the right to say, "I'll kill you"
to someone? Is that a good example to your players? What will happen if two players get
in an argument in practice tomorrow and one of them says to the other, "I'll (effin) kill

A lot of these coaches are totally out of control and just don't get it. Perhaps, the
money and pressure to win has gotten them all stressed out. They all talk about teaching
their players about life and being good men, but most of them never seem to be able to
walk the walk.

Stallings' reaction to Baldwin's alleged lack of sportsmanship was far worse than the
act itself. Baldwin didn't get in anybody's face and scream. He was just clapping and
could've been saying, "Hey, that was a great game."

At least he didn't scream, "I'll (effin) kill you."

Stallings should be suspended. Maybe then, he'll get the message on what sportsmanship
and human decency is all about.

Kevin Stallins, Dean Smith you are not.

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