Tuesday, February 3, 2015


The New England Patriots did their job Sunday night, beating the Seattle Seahawks
in the most watched Super Bowl game in the history of them.

The rest of the world got to see what the fans and media in New England have had
the pleasure of watching for the last 14 years: a brilliantly coached team with a Hall
of Fame quarterback who rubs off on the rest of his teammates with his drive, dedication,
toughness, and will to be the best.

However, the people in that region sometimes took the success of the Patriots for
granted, feeling a berth in the Super Bowl is an annual rite. Nothing illustrated that more
when the team got  crushed by the Kansas City Chiefs in front of a national television
audience on September 29.

After ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer said his now infamous statement, "The Patriots just
aren't that good anymore," a good percentage of the fan base and media jumped ship as
if the entire team contracted the Ebola virus. Steve Young questioned the "guru" for not
surrounding Brady with enough weapons as the hour glass was running out on his
Hall of Fame career.

Everybody in New England went into frenzy that produced one helluva lather.

They attacked Belichick and Brady as if they were Rich Kotite and Browning Nagle.
In an effort to get ahead of the curve on the demise of the duo, the media fell all over
themselves by trying to out do one another with their critical analysis of the team. They
embarrassed themselves far more than the team did during that Monday Night Mess.

In the face of doubters, critics, and DeflateGate scandal, the team achieved greatness
once again. Four Super Bowl titles in fourteen years is an amazing accomplishment
especially in the era of free-agency and a hard salary cap.

Now is the time to fully embrace and appreciate their greatness. There is still some
magic left in the Brady-Belichick era but not a whole lot. The special and great moments
may not happen as frequently as they once did, but cherish them and whatever you do
don't ever.....

DON'T EVER treat Belichick and Brady like they are Rex Ryan and Geno Smith again
The criticism you laid on them after the Kansas City was downright ridiculous. No
coaching/quarterback combo has won more games and Super Bowls together.

DON'T EVER hit the panic button and make like the world is going to end because
the team starts a season 2-2. It's amazing how you all forgot about the team starting the
season 0-2  in 2001, then running the table to win the Super Bowl. Belichick figures
it out, he always does. Good lord, he led the Patriots to an 11-5 record one time with
Matt Cassel playing quarterback.

DON'T EVER take Brady for granted again. Yes, he will have games like the one
in Kansas City again, but he is sports royalty like Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan,
Derek  Jeter, and Cal Ripken. Yes, he is usually good for one really bad stinker every
season, that's been the history of his storied career. Father Time is sneaking up on him
and his skills,but he still has a brilliant mind and an iron will to be the best.

DON'T EVER question Belichick draft and free-agency record again. He knows how
to evaluate talent better than anyone in the league. Did any of you hear of Malcolm
Butler before Sunday night? Probably not. He played at a Division II school in Alabama!
A rookie from a school called West Alabama won the Super Bowl playing a difficult
position, outsmarting the former Super Bowl champs. Belichick found this guy and
coached him up.

He also found Julian Edelman who was a quarterback at Kent State and didn't even
get invited to the NFL combine. There is not enough space on here to list the great
discoveries Belichick made. Sure, Belichick has whiffed on draft picks
but that happens--to everybody. Bottom line, Belichick has produced four Super
Bowl titles with the players he's picked. How many does Hall of Famer Bill Polian
have for all his greatness in evaluating and picking talent? Yeah, just one and he
had Peyton Manning and Jim Kelly during his career.

DON'T EVER let the critics on the outside bring the Patriots legacy down with
the 'SpyGate' and 'DeflateGate' scandals. Both were media driven and not a reason
for the team's stunning success. They didn't have to 'cheat' their way to any win.

After the Jets turned them in after the first game of 2007, the Patriots ripped
off 17 straight wins and were an astonishing catch by David Tyree from winning
the Super Bowl that year.

The eyes of the world (and every camera) were on them and they blew the doors
off nearly everybody. They never did, as was reported, film the walk-through of the
St. Louis  Rams before beating them in the Super Bowl, so everybody can quit with
that noise, too.

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