Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Alex Rodriguez apologized to the world on Tuesday with a handwritten letter where he
acknowledged his 1,001 mistakes. From his writing, it's pretty obvious A-Rod didn't author
many love letters during his youth. A letter, Alex, really? We wanted to see your face when
you lied through your teeth or the beads of sweating dripping down your face when you
gave us a twisted story.

SportsRip obtained an exclusive copy of the first draft of A-Rod's letter. It was far different than
the one that showed up all over the Internet. Here are the contents.

First of all, I'd like to apologize to Mike Francesa of WFAN. Mike, you've been in my corner of
the way. You have some weird obsession with me, but that's cool. I'm sorry I lied straight to your
face. I know you're listening so I just want to say, "my bad." I hope we can still be BFF's.

I'm sorry, this is stupid, Yuri, my former pack mule,  made me do this. This is corny as hell.

Did Francisco Cervelli have to do this?

To Brian Cashman, I'm sorry that you still owe me $61 million, but the reality is, it's not your
money so pipe down, will ya?

Reggie Jackson, I'm sorry the Yankees made you go into the witness protection program
because of those comments you made about my PED use. Dude, you're no longer the straw that
stirs the drink, I am. When I'm the highest-paid player in the game, I wield some power. The
Yankees had to  make me happy, so they made you go away.

Jeter, I'm sorry you chose to bow out before the 3-ring circus returned. This is going to be
epic. Do you have any of those Flinstone Vitamins left in your locker?

I apologize to my fans for kissing that mirror and laying out without my shirt on in Central
Park. That wasn't a good look. Big egos have a way to making you big, stupid things. It
won't happen again.

Katie Couric, I am sorry you lied to you, but you used to work at NBC, so you're used to
the lies. How is Brian Williams doing these day?

I don't really know this year is going to turn out. I could be the highest-paid bench player
in MLB history.  Or the magic of youth may return to PED-infested body. I really don't know.
I ask for your full support and offer me another chance. That would be six now, but what's
another one.

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