Friday, January 23, 2015


I read a tweet from veteran ESPN anchor Linda Cohn in response to all those who questioned
whether or not Tom Brady was telling the truth about his involvement in "DeflateGate".

"Why would Tom Brady lie?", Cohn tweeted.

This came as a shocked to me because Cohn has worked at the World Wide Leader of sports
for years and 'SportsCenter' covers every significant news story over the years, many that have
seen athletes from A-Rod to Armstrong not only outed for cheating but being bald-face liars, as

Did Cohn forget about Katie Couric's interview with A-Rod where she asked him if he
ever took PED's?

A-Rod after a pause and quick look off-camera: "No".

Bob Ley asked Lance Armstrong on "Outside the Lines" if he ever used PED's.

Armstrong, staring into the camera and careful not to blink: "No".

Marion Jones: "No"

Tyler Hamilton: "No"

I was watching a NFL Network "A Football Life" several weeks ago on Lyle Alzado and
Maria Shriver asked Alzado who was looking massive at the age of 39-year old if he was using

Alzado: (Laughing) Are you kidding me?

Hey, Pete Rose, did you ever bet on baseball?

Rose: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Yes, OK, I did. Now, buy my book for $29.95

Remember when USC defensive back Josh Shaw said he jumped off a second-story balcony
before diving into a pool to save his nephew? Yeah, how'd that story turn out?

Michael Vick, did you kill dogs? Vick: Who me? No, Mr. Commissioner, I've never do
anything like that?

Why would Shaw, Alzado, Hamilton, Jones, Vick, Rose,  Armstrong, and A-Rod ever lie?
People usually lie when they are protecting something, whether it be a reputation, record, endorsement deal, and of course, their legacy.

I remember A-Rod, long after his infamous lying interview with Couric, ranting about fighting
for his legacy in an interview with WFAN's Mike Francessa. He said he didn't use PED's after
2005 and didn't purchase them from Anthony Bosch. How'd that turn out---again? A-Rod was
caught lying. Again.

People lie. All. The. Time. Haven't we learned that already? Some are better at it than
others and are just more believable.

A lot of people weren't buying Brady's story that he had nothing to do with deflating the
balls after they were approved by the referees. And that's fair because after all the lies
and deceit from high-profile athletes in the past, Brady is fair game, even with the pristine
and all-american image he has built and maintained.

The question, "Why would anybody lie?", is so laughable in this day and age. Right,
why would Bernie Madoff lie to thousands of his clients. Greed, pure unadulterated greed.

Greed, legacy, reputation,'s always something, isn't it?  The world is full of
liars and it's turning out the sports world is filled to the brim with them. There is just so
much money in sports today many people in that world have become so greedy. Heck,
I haven't even gotten to the cash cow that is the NCAA. Does anybody think its president
Mark Emmert has been forthright about everything?

Nobody is perfect in the world, that''s for sure. There are immoral and corrupt people and
that will be never change. People will push the envelope, test borders, and see just how
much they will get away with. They will even lie. A lot.

So no member of the media, not Linda Cohn, or anybody else should ever ask, "Why would
they lie?". The question really should be, "Why wouldn't they lie?".

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