Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will address the media for the first time since news broke
that his team used 11 underinflated balls during the AFC Championship. Belichick's press
conferences are always must-see and must hear when controversy arises. Here are some of
the things the Hoodie is likely to say when asked about DeflateGate.

10. Anybody want to talk about the Aaron Hernandez trial?

  9. Ask Charley Casserly about it. He's an expert on everything.

  8. It is what it is.

  7. People told me to give Brady more weapons to work with. Well, there you go.

  6. Red Sox spring training is only 36 days away.

  5. Did you hear about Vince Wilfork pulling a woman from a car? You want to talk
      about that?

  4. Bill Parcells taught me how to deflate balls by sitting on them a certain way.

  3. I just said to the ball boy, "Do Your Job". I didn't tell him to work overtime.

  2. I'll talk about that Kansas City game now if you want.

  1. When I felt the balls before the game, they were real hard.

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