Monday, January 26, 2015


The news across Twitter came fast and furious:

Breaking news: NFL 'zeroes' in on locker room attendant in Deflate-gate.

This just in: Patriots locker room attendant a 'strong person of interest.'

News alert: Rogue ball boy in NFL's line of fire.

We saw this coming didn't we? 11 of the Patriots 12 balls were underinflated for the AFC
Championship and all of sudden it became the biggest whodunit since much of our nation
was obsessed with finding out 'Who shot J.R?' in the hit series of the 1970's and 1980's,

Was it the convicted cheater Bill Belichick? Or did the wonder boy, Tom Brady let the
air out of the balls to gain an advantage with his throws in the cold and rainy weather?
There was no way Brady was going to take the fall. He and the NFL would have way too
much to lose if the golden boy admitted he is a cheater. Nope.

Looks like the guy who is going to fall on the sword is a 'rogue' ball boy or locker room
attendant. According to multiple reports, the NFL's investigation is focusing on the guy
probably making 10 bucks an hour taking care of the Patriots balls. Yep. the ball boy
or locker room attendant did it!. According to the investigation, there is even videotape
of the ball boy doing something nefarious.

This has just made a whale of a ridiculous case, even more ridiculous. The ball boy?
Really? Yep, he just took those balls on his own volition and deflated those balls! Oh
my god, if American sporting public buys this one, it will be truly comical.

I covered the Patriots every day for two years and the people who work in Foxboro not
only love their jobs, but fear losing them. They know if they fall out of line and do
anything against the wishes of their bosses, they know they will fired. That culture has
been created with the players in the locker room all the way to the people who take the
tickets on Sunday.

Everybody in that organization fears Robert Kraft and fears Bill Belichick. When they
say, "Do Your Job", they mean it in every way.

There is NO WAY a ball boy is going to take 24 balls that were approved by the officials
and take them and do something like deflate the balls on his own. No way. There isn't
a snowball's chance in Phoenix of that happening. None.

Any kid working for the Patriots loves the Patriots and consider it a dream job, making
them the envy of a lot of people in the region. Do you think any one of them is going to
take the balls used by Brady and deflate them on their own? Do you think they'd even
want to take the chance of feeling the wrath of Brady or Belichick? No way.

If that kid or locker room attendant took the balls on his own and deflated them just
for the hell of it and caused all this controversy, he'd be more hated in New England
than Bill Buckner ever was.

So for the next 24 hours, the media will be covering this 'breaking news' about a ball
boy or locker room attendant possibly going 'rouge.' Good, grief.

Man, this Deflate-gate thing just keeps getting more and more comical. Next thing you
know, somebody will be pinning the blame on Ndamukong Suh

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