Friday, January 23, 2015


Hello? Roger Goodell, where are you? This is not the time to play hide-and-seek with
the media. You are the most powerful man in sports who cashes checks that total $44 million
a year and you're invisible---again.

This is not the time to go M.I.A. This Deflate Gate thing is spiraling out of control and the
Super Bowl is less than 10 days away. Every commissioner in sports is supposed to uphold
and protect the "I have to do what's in the best interest of the league" mantra and you
haven't so much as made a comment about the New England Patriots and their deflated
SpyGate, BountyGate, replacements refs, concussion lawsuits, domestic violence issues,
and now this controversy with the Patriots allegedly taking the air of footballs to gain
some sort of advantage. Seriously, your record is not that good and hardly justifies your
ridiculous salary. What the hell have you been doing?

This isn't like trying to find a videotape at a casino in Atlantic City. Everything you need
is right there at Gillette Stadium which is less than three hours from your posh corner office
in New York City. You and your investigative team should've been up there by noon on
Monday, at the latest. It is now Saturday, and your office released a statement saying the
investigation won't be concluded until sometime next week.

Good, lord, this is not the Lufthansa heist. It is not the scandal at Penn State or the good ole
boys illegally souping up their chassis for a NASCAR race. This is trying to find the person
who allegedly let the air out of 11 balls the Patriots provided for the AFC Championship

Forget about Robert Mueller, hire Serpico, Beretta, or one of the CSI units from CBS. Do
something! It's embarrassing and a disgrace.

You remember those Patriots, don't you? They were involved in that thing dubbed,
"SpyGate" where they were filming signals of their opponents on the sidelines. That was
the case where you personally destroyed all the tapes so no one else could view them.
Yep, that's what you call real transparent.

Make a decision on this case and move on, please. All this talk and stupid stuff I see
on Twitter everyday is worse than watching Mark Sanchez and his butt fumble more than
100 times. Good, grief, instead of water torture for the terrorists, give them a dose of this
Deflate Gate controversy. They'd cry uncle in 10 seconds.

Seriously, you are getting paid more than $40 million and doing what again? Perhaps,
you're still thawing out from that Sunday night game in New England where you and
your wife tried to "stand with the people" in the frigid air, eschewing the comforts of
the owners suite to show them you are "one of them", which you are clearly not. Nice
try, though.

Who knows, maybe you nearly got frost bite in your toes and Rex Ryan is giving  you
a foot massage to get better.

This is the second time in five months you pulled a vanishing act. After that Ray Rice
scandal, you went into the witness protection program. Man, haven't you learned anything
from watching our presidents? Yeah, they've screwed up, but they still get out in front
of the people to assure us everything is all right, even when it isn't. They instilled a little
confidence in the public about their leadership. You haven't.

Roger Goodell, be a leader. Just a little one. I'm tired of seeing #DeflateGate every single
dance and have to watch amateurs on local television try to tell us the difference between
deflated balls and non-deflated ones.

Take care of this now. If you haven't noticed, the NFL has an epic match-up in the Super
Bowl. People should be talking about that but instead, are drowning in this mind-boggling
ridiculous situation.

If the Patriots thumbed their noses at the rules and damaged the integrity of the game,
come down hard on them. If they didn't, apologize and move on. The god dang Super
Bowl is coming up fast and will be here before you know it. Diffuse Deflate Gate and
let's hype the game.

Do something. Or in the words of Bill Belichick, just "Do Your Job!"

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