Monday, January 26, 2015


Most people living outside of New England see the Patriots as cheaters, a team that
thumbs their noses to rules and authority, doing whatever it takes to win.

They say the Patriots haven't won a Super Bowl since 'SpyGate' and cheated again
to get to the pinnacle of the sports with 'Deflate-gate'.

It. Is. Laughabale. It really is.

I understand how it goes: people hate teams that win all the time. Remember the Dallas
Cowboys, America's team in the 1970's, was also the team America loved to hate. When
the New York Yankees were on their way to winning 26 World Championships, they had
haters everywhere. Still do.

Sorry, but the saying "Everybody loves a winner" is wrong, especially when your team
is not and getting plastered every year by the team that does. (Right, New York Jets fans?)

Since 2001, the Patriots have made it to six Super Bowls and had 12 consecutive seasons
with 10 or more wins. In this day and age of a hard salary cap and free-agency that is close
to amazing.

Oh, that's right, they've done it by cheating! Does anybody with an ounce of common sense
really believe that? You really don't think other teams try to steal the signals of their opponents?
OK. So when Jimmy Johnson said they do, it doesn't mean anything to anybody? Stop it.

First of all, the Patriots are wildly successful because they have one of the greatest coaches
in sports history. Not just football, but all sports. Hate Bill Belichick all you want because
of his appearance and demeanor, but don't be an idiot and believe the only reason he's put
together one of the greatest runs in NFL history is because he cheats.

Belichick, who has coached in the NFL (40 years) longer than most of his critics have been
alive, is a brilliant mind who has always been well ahead of his competitors. He out-'schemes'
and outcoaches his opponents on a regular basis.

And what did the Patriots do after 'SpyGate'? Right, they folded because they didn't have
the signals of other teams so they didn't win. Sure. They ran the table and went 16-0 and
were one lucky catch by David Tyree of the Giants from winning its fourth straight Super Bowl.

What did they do after Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder? That would've ripped most
teams apart. Belichick kept the team focused and they went 12-4 and made it to the
AFC Championship.

He has the  ability to motivate his players and have their undying support. If any of the
them step out of line and put themselves ahead of the team, they usually get a one-way
ticket out of town.

Belichick has lived by the motto that it's better to let go of a player a year early than a
year too late. He takes all the emotion out of it, benching Drew Bledsoe, releasing Lawyer
Malloy, trading Randy Moss and Logan Mankins, and letting Wes Welker walk. Those
weren't popular decisions amongst the team and fans, but they were the right ones.

The NFL hasn't seen the sustained success of the Patriots in a long, long time. What have
the New York Giants done since their last Super Bowl? Missed the playoffs four of the
last five years. Remember those Colts with Peyton Manning and all those weapons he
had? How many Super Bowls did they win? One.

What did the Colts do after they lost Peyton Manning for a season? Yeah, they went 1-5.
The Patriots lose Tom Brady for a season and Belichick's coaches up Matt Cassell, a guy
who never started a game in college, and the Patriots go 11-5. 11-5? What team have ever
done that after losing its franchise quarterback?

Now, a lot of people think Brady is a cheater. He deflated balls to gain an advantage of those
hapless Indianapolis Colts. Sure, make that assumption without getting ALL the facts. That's
what America does in this knee-jerk, rush-to-judgment, everybody is an expert in this
social-media driven world.

Its absurd.

Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time because he's almost as intelligent as
his head coach, is driven to be the best, and prepares better than most coaches, much less
other quarterbacks in the game. It's probably why he has the best winning percentage
of any quarterback who has ever played the game.

Remember when everybody, including the New England was burying Brady and his team
after getting thrashed by Kansas City on September 29? They said Brady had gotten old
right before our very eyes and was no longer an 'elite' quarterback. How'd that turn out?

Brady shoved it right down the throats of all his critics and led the team to a sixth Super
Bowl with him under center. Six Super Bowls, are you kidding me?

Yes, let's try to wreck his legacy because of 11 deflated balls.

Sure, go ahead and try to destroy the legacy of both Brady and Belichick because of the
perception of them being cheaters.

You really have no clue if you do. Absolutely none.


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