Saturday, January 3, 2015


I am a stat. I'm what you get when sabermetric geeks crunch numbers of every aspect
of every game in every sport.

I am a stat. Small, yet so powerful. I have a big say in who gets paid and who doesn't.

I am a stat. ESPN loves to show me off.

I am a stat. In the hands of Scott Boras, I can make Jacoby Elsbury and that Choo guy
worth more than $100 million. My stat from that is about $3 million, but with MLB owners
and GM's, it's like taking candy from a baby.

I am a stat. Look what I did for Billy Beane and Moneyball.  Beane should thank his lucky
stars he ever met me. Without me, Brad Pitt would've never played him in the movie.

I am a stat. I can determine who wins a Fantasy League and who doesn't it.

I am a stat. People say it's all about winning and losing, but a million of me can be
whipped up to say otherwise.

I am a stat. I'm like McDonald's that always comes up with new items on the menu.
I've come up with things like QB rating, WAR, and other things the average sports
fan doesn't quite understand.

I am a stat. If you dig hard enough and can be creative, I can make players look better
 than they actually are.

I am stat. A lot of managers can't make a decision without me.

I am a stat. I know the difference between a clutch player and someone who often chokes
when the game is on the line.

I am stat. Because of me, nerds who got cut from their Little League teams are running
major league franchises.

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