Monday, January 5, 2015


I wasn't convinced at first about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's involvement
in the Bridegate scandal that caused mayhem and mass delays near the entry to New York
City in 2013, but after seeing him suck up to Jerry Jones and the Cowboys over the last
month, I believe there is NO way he could've known about it.

I mean, between waving his Cowboy pom-poms, ordering from Papa Johns, and screaming
at hecklers on the boardwalk with ice cream cone in hand, there is just no chance Christie
could've had any time to worry about clogging up traffic as revenge to a politician in Fort Lee.

Christie with Papa Johns dude placing order
On Sunday night, Christie was in the private suite of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones whooping
it up as Dallas battled Detroit in the Wild Card round. The self-proclaimed lifelong Cowboys
fan since first bite, was pictured at the end of the game in an oh-so-awkward man hug with
Jones and some other free-loading homer.

Christie looked like the bench warmer in Little League trying to get into the celebration
with the stars of the team. Jones seemed to be saying, "Come on, kid, you had nothing to
do with this, but get in here for the picture."

Any chance of Christie winning the 2016 presidential election went out the door with that
freeze-frame which hit the Internet before Christie could say Dunkin' Donuts. It has to rank
up there with Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis' photograph that all but sunk him
in the 1988 presidential race. Good intention, bad, bad result.

Do we really want the next president of the United States looking like that?

And Mr. Governor, can you please change up your wardrobe a bit? Last month when you
were waving the pom-poms in Jones' box in Philadelphia as the Cowboys took on the
Eagles, you were there with that same nasty orange sweater, size XXXL, of course. Unless
you live in Cleveland, who the heck wears orange anymore? Orange is not the new black.

Get rid of it, just like you did Christina Genovese Renna, your former aide that was made
a scapegoat for the Bridgegate scandal. Burn it, trash it, whatever, just get rid of it.

And before you go to the Cowboys game in Green Bay, make sure to pack your parka
and learn how to hive-five, man hug, and celebrate. After all, there will be a much bigger
audience than Sunday night and you can redeem yourself---or maybe not.

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