Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Yeah, Bruce Jenner has certainly changed a lot since being dubbed, "the world's greatest
athlete" in the 1976 Montreal Olympics. He was a gold medalist in the decathlon and turned
it all into green with endorsement deals and roles in a couple of movies.

Nearly 40 years after becoming a household name, Jenner has turned in something, well, um,
kind of strange. And you know what? That's OK. Man or close to a woman, let Jenner be who
he wants to be.

Jenner's hair has gotten real, real, long and appears to have had more cosmetic surgery. When
a celebrity does that and comes out looking far different than before going under the knife, social
media catches fire. Remember Renee Zellwegar? Good, lord. The actress looks nothing close
to what she looked like in "Jerry McGuire".  Instead of saying, "You complete me", I'm sure
Jerry would say now, "You look completely freakin' different. What happened?!!!!

But why is it any of our business what these celebrities do to their faces and why do some many
people spend so much time gawking at criticizing them? I've just never really understood it, I
guess. 99 percent of the people who criticize Bruce Jenner don't know him. Oh, sure, they think
because they watched him on the Kardashian's they really know what he's like.

If Jenner transitions into a woman how is that going to effect the American public? Will
they feel better about themselves by making jokes about Jenner? Wow, that's great. Use him
for a cheap laugh. Perhaps, it's why we have such a bullying problem in this country. If
kids see adults laughing and mocking a guy like Jenner, they'll do the same to many of
their classmates who look a little different.

It's ridiculous.

Why America spends so much time on the personal lives of people they don't know personally,
is beyond me. When Michael Sam comes out and say he's gay, the media goes into a frenzy
and starts with all the "Michael Sam is the first gay football player to......(insert your choice).

What does Sam's sexuality have to do with anything in your life? Why do you care? Let the
guy be who he wants to be.

Bruce Jenner is a different bird, so what? Why does he have to be who you want him to be?
Shouldn't you worry about yourself and put down the stones so nobody will think of shattering
your glass house?

If Jenner does transition into a woman, so what? We saw it before with Renee Richards in
the world of tennis. It was his/her choice. Renee took advantage of the freedom to be whoever
we want in this country.

If Jenner does the same thing, just let him be. He's not the freak show in the circus, just
the former world's greatest athlete who wanted to be who he wanted to be, even if he becomes
a she.

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