Sunday, January 18, 2015


Will anybody in New England ever doubt Bill Belichick again?

Is there going to be someone stupid enough to question his draft record again?

Any newspaper in the Hub ever going to run a headline again asking, 'In Bill We Trust?'

Yep, all that happened after the Patriots got crushed by Kansas City on September 29 which
dropped their record to a god-awful 2-2.

Please, if you didn't see the greatness of Belichick before this season then I really hope you
are a believer after the Patriots dominated Indianapolis to earn a berth in the Super Bowl for
the sixth time in the Belichick era in New England (2000-present)

Please, if the Patriots lose a regular season game next year, just say, 'it's cool. We have
Belichick. He'll figure it out. He always does.' No need to panic and jump off the Tobin

I won't go into the fact that's he's won 75 percent of his games in New England and punched
a ticket to sixth Super Bowl. Six! That's insane! Isn't that right fans of Cleveland, Buffalo,
Jacksonville, Atlanta, and New York? (Jets)

Remember when everybody was questioning whether or not Belichick had given Tom Brady
enough weapons to work with, especially when the window of his career is closing at a rapid
rate?  What is so bad with Gronkowski, Edelman, LaFell, Amendola, Blount, and Vereen?

What good were all those weapons John Elway gave Peyton Manning to work with? Yep,
Manning got another early start on making those 100 commercials that will appear during
the 2015 season whether he plays or not.

Dear fans and media in New England: please don't ever question Belichick again. The guy
has been working in the NFL longer than most have you been alive (40 plus years). He's
been breaking down film and working 20 hour days on schemes forever. Imagine if he
came into your office and told you how to do your job? This just in, Belichick probably
could do it better than you.

Greatness has been right in front of your eyes for the last 15 years, I hope you've seen it
and will appreciate it. Belichick has never used injuries as an excuse. Good, lord, remember
when Tom Brady went down in the first game in 2006? Belichick somehow coached up
Matt Cassell, a quarterback who never started a game in college and got him to win 11
games as a starter in the NFL.

Remember when the Aaron Hernandez situation threatened to rip the team apart and
be a 'distraction' that could have taken them down the wrong road?

Belichick has led the Patriots to 10 or more wins in 13 straight seasons. That's amazing.

The guy dresses like Rocky Balboa on the first day of training in the first of the Rocky
series. Cut-off sweats that look like they've been worn 100 times without ever being

He is understated and refuses to put attention on himself. All he cares about winning, that's
it, that's all.

As he eloquently stated during AFC championship, the Patriots are 'moving on to Seattle.'
Belichick is amazing. Appreciate it and most of all, don't ever question him again.

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