Sunday, December 21, 2014


Since 9/11, our country has lost almost 7,000 soldiers fighting on foreign soil to protect
all of us living and enjoying freedom in the United States. 

Now, there are people in this country killing those trying to protect and serve us while
we revel in all the things our freedom allows us to enjoy in our homeland  It's become
a sad and twisted time for the United States, one that seems on the verge of an escalation
of violence that's been hatched from the controversial rulings in favor of law enforcement
officials in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York.

The ambush of two officers in Brooklyn by a career criminal seeking to avenge the deaths
of Michael Brown and Eric Garner has not only rattled the core of the nation, but sent a 
chilling message that it's open season on cops. It's unsettling to write this and even more
frightening to realize their will be more senseless, unspeakable tragedies that will likely

Al Sharpton and several other leaders "call for justice" can mean different things to
different people and in this country where household names are born seemingly every
hour thanks to the social media super highway and 24-hour channels that glorify mass
murderers, there are vigilantes like Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who take the law into his own
hands and assassinate two police officers who were just sitting in their patrol car. They
never had a chance.

Apparently, Brinsley thought it was his only chance to be a somebody.  Arrested 15 times
in his 28-years on earth, Brinsley wrote on his Instagram account, "I'm putting wings on
pigs today. They take 1 of our, let's take two of theirs."

Sadly, there will be some people in communities around the country who are applauding
Brinsley and making him out to be a hero. I'm sure there are many in Ferguson and Staten
Island smiling today. It is sick, I know, but those people who felt an entire race was wronged
in the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, may feel they finally got "a little justice."

It's certainly a precarious and unsettling time to be a law enforcement official in our country,
especially those working in big cities or low-socioeconomic areas. Forgive them if police
officers are looking over their shoulders while having one hand on their holster.

I realize there are many who will respond, "Yeah, but these cops shouldn't be killing us,
especially when we are unarmed." I understand and sympathize with the families who lost
loved ones at the hands of the police. Sadly, there are injustices committed nearly every
single day, not just on the street, but in business and nearly every other sector. We live
in a world that's perfectly imperfect. However, it doesn't give renegades the right to
slaughter cops trying to do their job.

Police officers around the country make thousands of decisions every day and
many of them are often made in a split-second. Shoot or don't shoot. Apprehend or release.
They are supposed to follow code and procedure, but real life and the safety of lives, their
own and others may force them to make a decision that goes beyond the boundaries of the

Many of us in this country don't often respect the bravery and effort of our law enforcement
official. We often think these "pigs" as they've been unfairly tagged as, are "out to get us."
Or perhaps, we think they abuse their power. But if these law enforcement officials didn't
do what they are paid to do, many of our towns and cities would become like the wild, wild
west, or Ferguson during the riots.

The police allow us to feel safe in our homes and communities and enjoy the freedom
all those soldiers fought and died for. Are they always right? Absolutely not.
Are there dirty cops out there? No question about it.

But the great majority of them do the right thing for us and our communities. They don't
make a lot of money, but put their lives on the line every single day. They should be
respected and admired. We should thank them every chance we get.

We certainly shouldn't be mourning them after seeing them get ambushed and slaughtered.

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