Tuesday, December 16, 2014


One thing I've learned as I've gotten older is that while most people in our society
graduated  high school, a good majority has never moved on from the gossip section
of its cafeteria.  They believe nearly everything they hear, follow the popular opinion,
and make judgments without bothering to get any of the facts. "Hearing" things is
more than good enough for them and by golly, if it's on the Internet these days, it must
be true

That brings me to the never-ending Cosby scandal where it seems as if a woman a day
comes out with an accusation against the television legend. We read it, watch it,  and
hear about it, and come to the conclusion that it just has to be true. The accusations rolled
in like a Tsunami and wiped out Cosby's reputation forever.

It might just reveal as much about our society as it does the alleged character of Cosby

Many of us think that because somebody is on a major network they must be credible,
believable, and have a strong moral compass. Sorry, as someone who has worked in the
media for a long period of time, most networks and stations don't care about an accusers
background or credibility just as long as they are first to have it or can keep up with the
competition on a story and the ratings that come with it.

Sorry, the media today is not your grandfather's media where journalist integrity was
paramount and getting it "right" was far more important than getting it first.

Remember the report that got Lara Logan of '60 Minutes' suspended? It turned out the
report on the Benghazi attacks relied on Dylan Davies, a security contractor whose
story morphed into a big fraud.

Logan  didn't vet Davies thoroughly enough and got burned. An award-winning journalist
on a critically acclaimed show did not tell executives that Davies had claimed he lied to his
superiors and the FBI about his whereabouts on the night of the attack. They went with the
story that Davis heroically scaled the wall of the compound, hitting a would-be attacker with
the butt of his gun and seeing Ambassador  Chris Stevens' body later that night in the hospital.

After some people in the business started calling BS, a review by executives followed. Logan
was suspended by '60 Minutes' for 8 months. Davis is a liar forever.

Like Davis, many of these accusers of Cosby, have been allowed to get air time and tell the
world how Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted. They've come out one-by-one and sometimes
in bunches. A few of them had Gloria Allred at their side demanding that Cosby put $100
million in a pot and let his accusers have a money grab.

Have any one of your bothered to read about the backgrounds of some of the accusers? The
networks and media outlets sure didn't. They were just allowed to get on television, without
fear of repercussion or a significant challenge and just weave their stories to make Cosby
look like Charles Manson is a multi-colored ugly sweater

Chelan Lasha who was seen weeping hysterically next to Allred during a press conference
with two other accusers, has a rap sheet longer than Mike Tyson's. Prostitution, disorderly
conduct, FALSE REPORTING, assault, theft, etc. Oh, that's right, there is NO WAY she
could be lying about Cosby! If she ever got on the stand in a case against Cosby, she would
be shredded to pieces. Next.

Former Playboy bunny P.J. Masten also accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting
her. By the way, she also accused sportscaster Marv Albert of biting and sexually abusing
her after the first woman accused Albert of doing the same thing. Masten, the former Playboy
bunny, got nothing but an accusation by everybody that she was trying to hitch onto the gravy
train that was started by the only woman that Albert violated.

Another of Cosby's accusers has a history of mental problems and got disbarred from
practicing law. Yet, another admitted to having a sexual relationship with a married man.

That's a lot of credibility right there.

Remember when everybody in the media bought the story about then-Notre Dame
star Manti Te'o's girlfriend who died in a car crash the same week his grandmother
did? They praised the courage and resiliency of the All-American linebacker for
overcoming the tragedy to lead the Fighting Irish to the national championship game.
Only ONE person in the media bothered to vet and research the story. That's it. Just

How'd that turn out?

I've read and heard many people in our society say there are too many accusations and
the same story about how their experience with Cosby unfolded for it not to be true.

No, that's where they are wrong.

There is strength and comfort in numbers. All of them had the same story: Cosby gave
them something, they passed out, and he tried to assault them. It'd be one thing if they
all came out the same day and said the same thing and had the same story. They came out
hours, days, weeks, and months after hearing another accuser and recounted the same
story. My gosh! How could that ever happen in today's world where everyone tells
the truth all the time.

If  a victim feels their story is  like all the other ones, they are safe and can hide behind it.
Who will doubt it? Certainly not the public. If they go with the popular story it becomes
popular opinion and that's what a good part of society follows. Popular opinion. They are
either too afraid to go against the grain, too lazy to think for themselves, or not interested
in doing some research to get the facts.

Too often we let others try to get the facts and assume they are a stone-cold lock for being
correct. Rolling Stone magazine recently published an article about a gang-rape on the
campus of the University of Virginia. The description of what happened was despicable.
Turned out it was sensationalized and not exactly the truth. The victim "Jackie" was
found to exaggerate a lot of her story and the reporter didn't dig hard enough to find out
if it was all on the up-and-up. The actual facts took a back seat to gaining attention for
both the reporter and magazine.

Imagine that? Somebody not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the
truth. So help me God.

Sorry, but people lie all the time. It happens. They usually do it to protect themselves
or gain something. Some do it for attention, fame, and get this: money! Yes, it has
actually happened in this world before. Why the heck do you think Gloria Allred ushered
out three woman and made the $100 million dollar plea to Cosby?

I'm not defending Bill Cosby. I'm not like the millions of people who thought they knew
him just because they watched him on television every night for 11 years. He was ACTING.
That's his profession and how he made all his money. Cosby was great at it.

Is he a dirt bag? Chances are he crossed the line and violated some women 10, 20, 30,
and even 40 years ago. It most definitely has happened before.

I'm also not calling every woman who accused Cosby of despicable things, a liar. I
sympathize with them if they were belittled, assaulted, and violated. I am compassionate of
what they've had to go through.

But I also know that stories don't always happen the way they were told by someone,
especially when they've had 10, 20, 30, and even 40 years to develop. I do know if these
accusers had to tell their story under oath with the threat of perjury and jail time, they'd
probably be a variation of how they told it to the media.

Remember this?

Katie Couric to Alex Rodriquez:

Katie: Did you ever use PED's.

A-Rod: No.

Federal agents to Alex Rodriquez

Feds: Did you use PED's?

A-Rod: Hell, yeah. For years and I bought them from Anthony Bosch, whom
I told EVERYONE in the media I didn't even know or use drugs procured by

I do realize there are a lot of people like actresses and models in this self-absorbed
and attention-obsessed world who long for the camera and a headline, especially when
they are no longer relevant. God, just look at Facebook where people have to post
pictures and document every second of their lives in pursuit of the all important 'like'.
It's not a bad thing. It's just the way it is.

I just want to see all the facts before condemning Cosby forever. I don't make judgments
based on heresay, gossip, or axe that is used to grind. I don't believe everything the media
prints, puts on television or the Internet. (Again, see Lara Logan-60 Minutes, Rolling Stone-
UVA rape,  Manti Te'o and every news outlet who handled that story in the country,
the NFL, Roger Goodell and how they botched the Ray Rice scandal)

I know how the media can twist things around to get the story they want. They can edit
a soundbite by cutting things out or butting two things a person says at different times
to make it whole and the way they want it. It happens. A lot. The disgraced reporter at
Rolling Stone stirred a story that almost brought down a respected institution without
delivering all the facts.

We've all heard just ONE side of the Cosby story. That's it, that's all. Few members of the
media have bothered to vet the backgrounds of the accusers.

Even the flattest pancake has two sides.

Get all the facts and then decide.

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  1. I have said the same thing you have written. Check out the Free Your Mind And Think website for more info on some of the women. There is also a letter by a former Wilhelmina model & also model Iman. There is also an article by Judith Huth best friend who states she is lying. I have also found that several of the women, including Beverly Johnson has filed false allegations before. In Beverly's case - 2 of her former boyfriends were falsely accused. Her PI testified she made the whole thing up. She admitted she lied, but few know about that or are too lazy to research it. I have been actively searching for more info, specifically dates/times the women gave. I am also researching Mr. Cosby, as well as the women, so as to not be portrayed as biased. I know Mr. Cosby has admitted he cheated, but that is a far cry from being a rapist. I'm also tired of people who refer to his "Spanish Fly" comedy routine he did decades ago. Spanish Fly doesn't knock anyone out, in fact, it is used on ranches to make animals, who are ready to mate, more amorous. I am glad there are at least a few people out there who are searching for the truth & not automatically believing everything the women say. As a rape victim, I find it hard to believe that not 1 of the women would go to a hospital or police. I don't buy their excuse that he was "too powerful". Even powerful people can be arrested, but only if there is proof - not allegations. Please keep up the good work, because there are few people who are really looking for the truth. Sensationalism sells, so I guess many MSM don't care about the truth, until it is handed to them, without them having to do the work to find the info.