Friday, November 21, 2014


Bill Cosby never had a chance.

In this knee-jerk, rush-to-judgment-world we live in, the reputation of the television
legend is forever stained. Innocent or guilty, it doesn't  matter at this point, not in a
court of public opinion that equates an accusation with an arrest, an arrest to a
conviction, and a conviction to being bunk mates with Charles Manson in prison.

Nope, in our society, it's guilty until proven innocent and after the procession of
woman coming out to claim Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them, it's Katie-
bar-the-door, Cosby is a dirt bag of epic proportions.

People hardly know anything about these cases except what they read on the Internet
and hear on the talk shows and most of us, sadly, believe everything that's spit out
on television, talk radio, and social media. One phony news site ran an article
recently about Tim Tebow being arrested for solicitation of a prostitute. I saw
a few people post it on Facebook asking, "Is this real?" Oh, sure, because it's on
the Internet it just has to be the truth.

Seems like every former model and actress is coming out of the woodwork to tell
the world about their horrific moments with the man who played Dr. Huxtable
on the show that made him mega-star. I'm  just really surprised Lolo Jones hasn't
come out to shed a tear and tell TMZ she was one of them, too.

Many are asking why these woman are ripping the wrapping off these allegations
now, with some of their experiences with Cosby more than 30 years ago. Critics say
these  former models and actresses are seeking the thing they desperately miss and are
addicted to: attention. They could be trying to forever attach their name to one of the
biggest stars in television history and get their pictures splattered across the New York
Post and social media highways.  For others, it might be about the money and cashing
in on something that may or may not have happened. (Because that's never happened
before. Wink, wink)

Defenders of the accusers say it's tough to come out and make accusations against
a legend, one who is as big and powerful as Cosby. They feel embarrassed, shamed,
and humiliated. I understand that and I sympathize with the women if the allegations
are true, but it still needs to be asked why they waited so long to come out with
their stories. They don't seem to be ashamed and embarrassed about it today.

These women go on television without being challenged very much on the facts,
(with the exception of CNN's Don Lemon who tried to point out to an alleged victim
what she could have done with her teeth.) And noooo-body would ever lie would
they? Good, grief, see A-Rod, Lance Armstrong, Mark McGwire, Marion Jones,
and just about every elected politician.

The parade of woman coming out to jump on the front pages of the tabloids and into
our consciousness is remarkably similar  to the scandal that rocked Tiger Woods and
not just the golf world, but our society. Nearly five years ago to the day of Cosby's
crisis, Tiger drove down his driveway in an ambien-fueled rage and barreled into a
fire hydrant. Out came all the sordid details of his double-life and philandering. The
image of Tiger as the perfect family man came down in seconds, like a vacant building
razed by two tons of explosives.

Did we get fooled again? Did we fall for Cosby's act just as we did for Tiger's and
Armstrong's, two athletes who carefully crafted their images into ones they were clearly
not. Cosby was the respected and beloved actor who came into our homes once-a-week
and extolled the virtues of character, respect, integrity, family, and honor. He was a
man of great wisdom, intelligence, experience, and laugh out loud funny.

But he was acting. And damn good at it.

How do any of us know what Cosby is really like behind closed doors?  Do we believe
everything we "hear"and make a snap judgement?

The problem with our society is that we see these athletes and actors on television
and we think we really know them. But we don't. We hardly now anything about them.
They smile for the camera and give up a 15-second soundbite on 'SportsCenter'
and we say, "Hey, he seems like a really good guy." The camera zooms in of the face
of Cosby during an episode of his show, he smiles, makes a funny look, and we
believe he's a great guy and of strong moral fiber because he's the patriarch of a
clean-cut, well- mannered, and well-educated family on TELEVISION. It's not real

I've never seen Cosby outside of his 'world' and I've certainly never met him, have you?
What do you know about him?

A tiny, tiny percentage of people in our society really know Cosby or Tiger Woods,
and few of us have actually met them. If they did, perhaps they get a handshake, and
autograph,  and a smile, and come away saying, "He's awesome!" Why? Because
he gave you an autograph? Please.

Critics are saying that the silence of Cosby is deafening and that he needs to come
come clean at talk. What is he supposed to do, come out from behind the blue curtain
like Tiger did when he first addressed the world about his infidelity. Is it our business?

Bill Cosby owes us nothing.

Cosby isn't guilty just because he hasn't talked. That's ludicrous even in this age
where the overreaction to the reaction is stunning. He's a smart man with a more
than qualified legal team? Does he have to dignify these women an all these
allegations with comments? Do we want him to get on stage or live television
and say, "Yes, I am a dirt bag. I did all these things. Now arrest me."

That's not going to happen.

There are certainly two sides to every story. The prosecution would win every
case if the defense wasn't allowed to do its job. Cosby might be the guiltiest guy
on the planet but we haven't heard all the facts or his side of the story. When
someone is allowed to make an accusation without fear of reprecussion the accused
is going to look guilty, real guilty. Is there evidence besides a few pictures of Cosby
in his robe, because nobody has ever sat around in their robe, right? Did he leave any
messages on the victims' voice mail like Tiger did?

Again, if Cosby did in fact assault these woman, then he deserves what the tag
and reputation he's already received. But please, let ALL the facts come out before
branding him as a dirt bag forever.

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