Thursday, November 13, 2014


Talk about irony. And comedy.
On the same day Kim Kardashian bared her booty to the world, a great mystery in college
basketball was finally uncovered. Gene Keady, the former legendary coach of Purdue,
revealed that hideous looking thing sitting atop his head for all those years was actually
a compilation of hair extensions dyed black. For real!

For years, we stared, gawked, and wondered why a man with such high-profile job could
have such a thing on his head. It was like a bad ornament atop a Christmas tree. The NCAA
should've put him on lifetime probation just for stepping on the court with that, that, that...
thing. We never knew what it was exactly. Weave, hairpiece, comb over, dead squirrel,
floor mat. Everybody had their theory and opinion but nobody could take their eyes off it.
It was so bad, it made Marv Albert's hair piece look good, real good.

When people talked about Keady, it was always, "Great coach, wicked bad hair piece."
Where was his wife who never should've let him out of the house, much less go on
the court with that thing?

The guy coached in the Big 10 with some of the most raucous and ruthless fans in
the country. Didn't Keady hear the taunts or insults? Talk about staying focused
and tuning everything out.

In an interview with an Indianapolis newspaper Keady said he "thought he looked
good" and kept the hair piece because he was always on television. More shocking
than the hair extensions dunked in dye was how much Keady actually paid for his look.

$600 per week.

Yep, twice a week a local hair stylist or surgeon, if you will, came to Keady's house
and worked her magic. (wink, wink). Each time, she handed Keady a bill for $300.

That's more blasphemous than getting hair extensions in the first place. Keady paid
that much for those? Good, grief, they saw him coming. Keady got Maddoff-ed, for
sure. He should go to court and demand his money back and recommend the stylist
go into the witness protection program for doing that to his him.

Well, in 2013, it all came to an end. The ugly extensions and rip-off---done. Keady
shaved off the extensions and guess what? He actually looks way better bald that he did
with the hair extensions dipped in dye. Imagine that.

Better yet, hiding under that hideous hair circus all those years was danger. Keady's
wife looked on his head and noticed a blotch that was diagnosed as a form of
skin cancer which has since been taken care of.

Good to see Keady, who is a special assistant at St. John's,  had a happy ending
after all those years wearing that bad thing atop his head.

Now,  as for Kardashian's bare booty......

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