Sunday, November 9, 2014



Once upon a time Alex Rodriquez was the most powerful ship in baseball's ocean. He
was strong, sturdy, and carried an abundance of riches. He was quite simply the most
talented and gifted player in the world. A-Rod had everything: money, fame, adulation,
and respect.

But A-Rod wasn't satisfied with just being the best player in the game He wanted to be
the best one whoever lived. So A-Rod fueled his body with high-octane chemicals
that took his game to an entirely different level. He was the face of the sport and on
course to break nearly every significant offensive record in major league history.

Then disaster struck. In 2006, the S.S. Rodriquez ran aground and all its toxins have
been spilling into baseball's ocean ever since. A-Rod, the big powerful tanker, got
exposed as a cheat, putting the sport's environment in serious danger.

All A-Rod's toxins have poisoned the game, making him the Exxon Valdez of the sport.
The lies, deceit, and scandal just keep trickling out, turning A-Rod into more of a pariah
than the powerful hitter he once was. A-Rod has become A-Joke, a foolish reality star that
people now mock and despise more than ever.

We can no longer believe anything A-Rod says, his continues to spin lies and tall
tales that wouldn't fly even in a world of make believe. Remember when he looked
into Katie Couric's eyes, paused for effect, then said a simple "no" when asked if he
had ever used steroids. Simple became salacious when Selena Roberts outed A-Rod
in a Sports Illustrated article in 2009.

Then came the Biogenesis Scandal and more denials. He accused Major League Baseball
of going on a witch hunt, as if the league wanted to bring down its biggest draw and
at one time, its greatest player. He spewed vitriol at Bud Selig and Rob Manfred, the
next commissioner to be as if they had just milked his entire bank account. Everybody
was lying A-Rod said. Tony Bosch? Liar. Selig? Liar? Yep, if the Pope had crossed paths
with A-Rod, he would've been pegged a liar too.

Last November, A-Rod sought protection in his sanctuary on WFAN with his biggest
defender, Mike Francessa. When asked if he ever did steroids or anything else, A-Rod
said no, no, no, and no again. Of course, Major League Baseball just had to be making
it all up.

The poisonous toxins started oozing out of the A-Rod ship again. Court documents
revealed A-Rod paid his cousin, Yuri, one million dollars to zip his lip about A-Rod's
prolonged use of PED's. A million dollars for a lip-lockdown? That is great work if
you can get it.

Then another wave of poison  came gushing out. A-Rod reportedly confessed
to the Fed's that he in fact did buy and use drugs from Tony Bosch. Funny how things
change when one is granted immunity and won't have to face prison time for actually
telling the truth.

Heck, he can lie and deny with Francessa because his words might just sway the court
of public opinion. If you lie with Francessa, so what? You won't be going to prison.
Lie to the Fed's and they'll have an orange jumpsuit waiting for you.

A-Rod has created one big mess that Major League Baseball has tried to rinse away
from the game. They can keep scrubbing, but the damage A-Rod has done won't
be fully cleaned up until long after he cashes his final paycheck with the Yankees,
which unfortunately, will be three very long years away.

A-Rod is an eye-sore, the Lance Armstrong of baseball whom everybody just wants
to go away. He is the oil-slick in the ocean that will continue to poison even the most
harmless of things standing in his way.

A-Rod has become like a Greek tragedy, a gifted man who needlessly sabotaged
and destroyed himself after reaching the highest mountain. He is now but an ugly
symbol of a chemical that not only enhances a man, but destroys him at the very
same time.

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