Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Yep, a task force. That's going to end the misery of the United States in the Ryder Cup.

After the U.S recently got embarrassed for the sixth time in the last seven Ryder Cups and
Phil Mickelson whined like a petulant 5-year-old child in Toys R Us that didn't get a new
Transformer set, an 11-member task force has been set up to try to end the futility of the
United States in the Ryder Cup.

Mickelson and Tiger Woods are on the task force, so are three previous Ryder Cup captains.
Yep, this is going to do it. The Europeans are going to lay down now. (Actually, they are
rolling over with laughter and mocking the U.S. for setting up the task force)

That's what we do in this country. We react and then overreact. Mickelson cries because
captain Tom Watson didn't have little 'pods' set up like Paul Azinger did in 2008 when the
U.S. actually beat the Europeans. That's it! The U.S. didn't have their wittle, wittle pods
set up so all the players could play patty-cake, patty-cake in them. That's why they got
crushed by the Europeans this year. They didn't have their 'pods'.

Set up that task force and get it going NOW!

Good, grief. Is this 11-team task force going to bring in Anthony Robbins to awaken
the giants within these golfers who suddenly shrink when the bright lights of the Ryder
Cup are thrust upon them.

Perhaps, the task force will require the Ryder Cup team to take up CrossFit in the week
leading up to the big event. They can use some toughening up, that's for sure. Hey,
Navy SEAL training might be even better because right now, the United States players
have the mental toughness of a marshmallow.

Maybe they can name Hope Solo as the captain. The team needs someone to step
up and kick ass. Solo surely fits the bill. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger available?

A task force? This is almost comical.

Perhaps, the Ryder Cup means more to the Europeans than it does to the United States.
They always seem to play like it's a college football game. They are passionate, play
with great energy, and always go for the jugular.  The U.S. players often seem
like they are too cool to get excited like that. They seem to be playing for their next
endorsement deal and what it can do for their personal legacy.

Perhaps, the Europeans just know how to play as a team as opposed to the U.S. who
just appear to be 12 individuals masquerading as a team. It sure seems to be that way
with Tiger Woods, who has an awful overall record in the Ryder Cup (13-17-3) and
can't play with a partner, but is decent in singles. (4-1-2)

Perhaps, the Europeans are just better than the Americans in the Ryder Cup format.
Maybe, they're just better period. It happens.They had four of the top five players
in the  world according to the rankings. Perhaps, Mickelson, Furyk, and Woods, have
grown too old and too rich to really invest all they have in this event. Maybe it's
just the Europeans' time to dominate the Ryder Cup, it happens. Things tend to
be cyclical.

Maybe...perhaps,...but it's doubtful that a task force is going to solve the problems
of the United States Ryder Cup team. Nobody needs to overanalyze this because it's
simple really. Play better. That's it, that's all.

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