Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The fans and media contingent in New England sure put the 'over' in overreacting, didn't
they? The Patriots get embarrassed on a Monday night and they spew vitriol and anger as
if the team stole their entire life savings instead of losing the fourth game of the regular

The Patriots didn't embarrass themselves nearly as bad as the fans and media did for
their reaction to the team's loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Funniest headline I read questioned the head coach and architect of the team, "In Bill
We Trust?" Seriously?  Bill Belichick sends the Patriots to the Super Bowl five times
in 12 years, winning three of them, and the media makes like Rich Kotite is running the

Criticizing the Hoodie for one horrific loss is akin to mocking Warren Buffet for an
investment that he totally whiffed on. They both have portfolios with an abundance of
riches and people are going to unleash an avalanche of criticisms because they had a
bad moment? That's laughable.

The so-called 'experts' in the media thought they were going to rip the Hoodie because
he allegedly hasn't provided Tom Brady enough weapons to work with. They say he can't
draft, can't evaluate, and can't coach and construct a team at the same time. Hello?

Who the heck put those teams together that won three Super Bowls and who exactly
has done it better? Bill Polian? Please. He showered Peyton Manning with offensive
gifts like Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark, and Edgerrin James and how
many Super Bowls did the Colts win? One. For all his records and stats, Manning
and Polian have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy just once.  How many times have
Belichick and Brady done it? Right, three times.

It's amazing how a fan base that has such long memories who've held onto the
bad memories of the Babe Ruth trade, ball through Buckner's legs, and the Bruins
having too many men on the ice FOREVER!, can't remember what Brady and
Belichick have done for this franchise and region since 2001. It's shocking, really.

Boston fans have seen Brady morph from a sixth-round draft pick to Hall of Famer
right before their very eyes. After the Kansas City game, they made him out to
be the second coming of Geno Smith. Good, grief. He's effin' Tom Brady, one
of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game and the fans and media were
dumping on him like he was Bobby Valentine.

Something I have yet to figure out: What were the fans and media watching over
the last 12 years with this franchise? This is a model franchise that's weathered
adversity and stiff-armed negativity better than any team in sports and has been
wildly successful. And they didn't see Sunday night coming? Thumping the Bengals
was totally expected. That's how Brady and Belichick have always responded after
a heaping of criticism.

And suddenly, that media contingent and fan base who think they can construct
a franchise better than Belichick and play quarterback better than Brady, has gone
radio silent. Who is going to be bold enough to say Brady is in serious decline
and Belichick can't put together a team now? Oh, that's right, EVERYONE can
dump on the Patriots because it's the thing to do, but NOBODY can criticize
the team now because it's not.

Why can't the region appreciate greatness of Belichick and Brady. Why can't they
just take the bad with all the good they've provided the region and say, "It's cool.
We have two of the greatest minds and performers in the history of the game. They
will figure it out. They always have."

Why can't the region just appreciate the talents of two men whose talents will never
be seen again in the NFL or Foxboro again? They are better than Walsh/Montana,
Marino/Shula (Oh, yeah, how many Super Bowls did Marino win? Zero. Which
is not quite as good as three.) and Bradshaw/Noll.

Why can't the region just enjoy the ride and be happy they live in New England
and not Cleveland or Jacksonville where an 8-8 season is considered a miracle.
Would you rather have Johnny Football than Tom Brady? Mike Pettine instead
of Bill Belichick?

I don't know why I ask the questions when I already know the answers. The region
can't be happy with greatness because they want more than that every day of
every year. They expect it, which is fine.  But don't go over-the-top with your
overreaction of the Patriots, Belichick, and Brady. It's silly and makes you look

It's embarrassing for a fan base and media contingent that prides theirselves 
on being blessed with terrific knowledge, it's just ridiculous. Flat-out ridiculous.

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