Sunday, October 5, 2014


Dear New England Patriot Fans:

The only thing more embarrassing than your team's performance in last Monday
night's game against the Kansas City Chiefs was your reaction to it. The vitriol
and  criticism you spewed upon the team was not only stunning, but ridiculous
and classless.

You acted like you've been living in Cleveland and had to painfully endure
watching the Browns instead of riding an incredible wave of success few
franchises have  ever experienced. Since 2001, your team has been to five Super
Bowls and captured the Lombardi Trophy three times.  I realize you haven't been
to the big  game since 2005 but you've played in it twice since then. Imagine if
you lived in Jacksonville and had to watch the Jaguars. 

Tom Brady had a bad performance and you dump on him like he's Geno Smith.
Good, grief. You've had the pleasure of watch him morph from sixth-round draft
pick to Hall of Famer right before your very eyes, yet, those same eyes tell you
that he's finished as an elite quarterback? That's just pathetic. If you think he's
done as an elite quarterback, then you're not the smart and savvy fans I thought
you were.

Derek Jeter showed a noticeable decline in his last few years and his fans still
showed him incredible respect and loyalty. Where is yours for Tom Brady? Don't
you think he deserves it?

It's amazing how you admire Bill Belichick when the team wins, but when it
gets embarrassed like it did against the Chiefs, he turns into the anti-Christ and
a man who gets outcoached and suddenly doesn't  know how to construct a team.
You must've have forgotten about the five he put together that made it all the way
to the Super Bowl. He must've done something right, right?

For all his great moves and football acumen, how many Super Bowls did Bill
Polian win? He showered Peyton Manning with all kinds of greats weapons and
they won the big game how many times? Yes, just once. In all his years building
teams in Buffalo, Carolina, and Indianapolis, Polian only has one Lombardi
Trophy to his credit. Belichick has how many? That's right, three.

Yeah, he can be a sore loser and act like a total jerk in his press conferences,
but so what? He's not getting paid to offer up information or give great quotes
just to make the media happy.

Patriot fans, you should be incredible grateful for the incredible run of great
football the team has given you. 11 straight seasons of 10 or more victories is
an amazing accomplishment. You will never see a coaching/quarterback
combination like Belichick and Brady. They've been better than Walsh/Montana,
Shula/Marino, Noll/Bradshaw, and anybody with John Elway.

And you jump ship and complain after one friggin' loss in September? You think
Brady is done because he looked like Ryan Mallet for a night? Think again. He's
far from done, same goes for the rest of the team. Remember when many of the
so-called experts were picking the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl a month ago?
Sorry, but they didn't all of a sudden become a bottom-feeding team. Give me
a break.

Go ahead and keep criticizing the team if that makes you feel good. You should
feel good about what this team has given you, but I guess in this, what-have-you-done
for-me-lately-world that we live in, the Patriots have done nothing.

I'm just wondering how you're going to feel after the Patriots thump the
undefeated Bengals on Sunday night.

Paul Devlin

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