Saturday, October 4, 2014


Man, Charlie Weis sure has it figured it out, doesn't he? Oh, he can't coach, but he
sure knows how to collect big-fat buyouts. After getting the boot at Notre Dame,
the Fighting Irish gave him a $19 million check to go away. Weis got canned at Kansas
but walks away with $5 million not coach. Great work if you can get it.

It's rather fitting that Michigan plays Rutgers on Saturday. With all the bumbling and
fumbling of their athletic departments over the last year, this game should be titled the
"PoulanWeedeater Inept Bowl".

Can't wait to hear what Ray Lewis has to say on Sunday's "NFL Countdown". I'm not
sure the best translator at the United Nations can figure out what the hell comes out of
the mouth of the former Ravens linebacker and cover-up expert.

Gotta love the Kansas City Royals. I can't name five guys on the team but they have
great heart and it's fun watching them beat the best and highest-paid team in baseball
in the Angels.

Bruce Bochy of the San Francisco Giants is the best manager in the game, bar none.

I'm wondering how all those Patriots fans who jumped shipped on the team after
they were embarrassed by the Chiefs, are going to feel after Tom Brady and company
smoke the Bengals on Monday night.

Seeing Derek Jeter pimping a website on the "Today" show a couple of days after
his storybook ending of a brilliant ending seemed a little cheap and sleazy to me.
A website? Really?

Josh Brent flew under the radar when he returned to the Dallas Cowboys after spending
nearly five months in prison for getting all drunk and killing a teammate in a car
accident. This guy kills a man and he gets to return to play in the NFL? Nice.

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