Monday, September 22, 2014


When ESPN turned the spotlight on Ray Lewis to give his opinion on the Baltimore
Ravens and their alleged cover-up of the Ray Rice scandal uncovered by "Outside the
Lines", I cringed.

I had visions of a NASCAR race at Talledega with drivers going five-wide at more than
200 miles an hour without restrictor plates on. You just know there is going to be an epic
wreck and should turn away, but you just have to watch to see how spectacular it's
going to be.

That's how I felt when Lewis, the face and heartbeat of the Ravens franchise for 17 years,
was given the ESPN pulpit on Sunday to talk about the alleged cover-up. Leave it to
ESPN for covering all their bases, getting expert opinion from a man who may have
helped cover-up a double murder in Atlanta 14 years ago. Leave it to ESPN to give
their viewers expert opinion  from a man who was charged with obstruction of justice
in that murder case and admitted to lying to police during the investigation.

Man, that's credibility!

Lewis seemed to have forgotten about that when he told viewers that general manager
Ozzie and owner Steve Biscotti "never lied to me." and gave the impression they
would never lie about what went on in the Ray Rice scandal. Of course they didn't
lie, Ray, why on earth would anybody ever lie? (Except to maybe save their hides.)

I find it hard to trust a guy who not only lied to police but testified against two of his
"friends" as Lewis did in the double-murder case in Atlanta. He agreed to testify
against them in exchange for the charges of murder against him being dropped. Talk
about a great deal!

And those obstruction of justice charges that Lewis has on his record came from
the former all-pro linebacker telling people in his limo shortly after the murder to
shut their mouths and not say anything. Nice. Lewis didn't have any trouble saying
things about the other two men charged in the case, you know, the "friends" of
Lewis. It's amazing how things change when you're facing life in prison.

Then the spectacular crash I envisioned, happened. Ray Lewis went solo down
the straightaway without the restrictor plates on. His mind and mouth were out of
control and he went airborne on the air. When talking about the Ray Rice scandal
and the Ravens' efforts to make it all go away, Lewis spewed the words he may
regret forever:

"There’s some things you can cover up, and there’s some things you can’t.”

Brilliant expert opinion, simply brilliant. Ray Lewis, you deserve an ESPY.

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  1. I echo your sentiments on this one ! I was thinking the exact same thing when the camera diverted to him--I knew he would utter some nonsense and I was not disappointed... Yet another head shaker.