Friday, September 26, 2014


Keith Olbermann, the host of a show on ESPN2 that has fewer fans than the Tampa
Bay Rays, got up on his soap box last Tuesday and railed against everything Derek Jeter.
Jeter wasn't this, wasn't that, and certainly wasn't good enough to have a season long
good-bye tour in major league baseball, Olberman said. "K.O."stopped short of saying
Jeter was the most overrated player in the history of the game.

Oh, I get it. When you are a big tree that falls in the woods that nobody ever hears, you
have to be over-the-top controversial to get noticed and become "trending". You have
to say things so outlandish they will strike a cord with a sports world already buried in
an avalanche of negativity, controversy, and filth.
Cutting down a man who is squeaky clean in a sports world that's been swimming in
a cess pool (Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Jonathan Dwyer, Jonathan Papelbon, and Roger
Goodell) was the quickest path to attention to Olbermann. He knew that slamming Jeter
was the way to lather up the clowns on sports talk radio and to see his name all over
the Internet.

Olbermann opened his diatribe by saying, "Contrary to what you've heard, Derek Jeter is
not the greatest person in human history." Which is both funny and ironic since that is what
nearly everyone who has ever worked with or come across Olbermann has said about him.

Keith Olbermann is not the greatest person in human history. In fact, he's ranks near the
bottom five and if he thought long and hard enough, he would name himself as the worst
person in the world, an honor he bestowed weekly on one of the eight networks he used
to work for.

Abrasive, condescending, a bully, and prone to epic temper tantrums, Olbermann has
been fired from more television jobs than the number of domestic violence incidents
the NFL experienced over the last year.

Unlike Jeter, the words class, leader, respect, and great teammate have never followed
Olbermann anywhere at anytime. He is and always will be, just another smarmy television
guy trying to make a name for himself by cutting others down. That takes a lot of talent,
right K.O?

And it really is hard to listen to someone criticize an athlete like Jeter especially when
they haven't broken a sweat or gotten into the arena to compete. Ever. Little League
doesn't count. He has never faced a 95-mile an hour fastball, a knee-buckling curveball,
or a nasty split-finger fastball with 50,000 fans screaming in game seven of the World
Series. So, go ahead, K.O. keep dumping on athletes who paid the price to get where
they are. Maybe you'll get a spot on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Olbermann  criticizes a man who has more hits than everyone but five players in
the history of the game. He wants to dump on a guy who has played the game the right
way for 20 years and put five World Series rings on his fingers. Go ahead, everybody
has a right to give an opinion.

I'm just wondering what Olbermann was thinking after Jeter's storybook walk-off single
on Thursday. Come to think of it, I don't really care and neither should you because it
just doesn't matter.