Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Needless to say, it has been a crazy time in the sports world with domestic violence,
child abuse, crotch grabs, and cover-ups dominating the headlines. Yes, I've heard
the saying that what happen in sports is just a microcosm of life. If that's the case,
then we live in a world that is just flat-out messed up. There were moments last weekend
that caused many to say, "WTF?!", you know, those instances that have everyone
asking 'what the hell' were you thinking?"

Roger Goodell kicked things off on Friday with his state of domestic violence in
the NFL where the commissioner said absolutely nothing and danced around questions
so well, he became the odds-on-favorite to win 'Dancing With The Stars'. Goodell
said he's put together a team to work on domestic violence issues and he'll have a
plan in place by the Super Bowl? The Super Bowl? That's 5 months away! WTF?!
You're not trying to fix the economy, Roger! Put all your experts in a room and get
it done in a day.

OMG! was probably the first thing out of the mouth of the man who caught a foul
ball off the bat of Derek Jeter on Friday Night at Yankee Stadium. The Yankee legend
is retiring after this year and that's a valuable souvenir. But OMG! went to WTF?! after
his daughter tossed the ball back on the field. Lucky, the ball was retrieved and the
man got his Jeter ball.

Before going to bed on Friday, a story broke that caused me to yell in amazement,
"WTF?!!!'. Rex Chapman, former NBA star was arrested for allegedly stealing
$14,000 of merchandise from an Apple store and selling them to a pawn shop. Are
you kidding me???? Chapman made millions during his NBA career and he's now
in so bad he stealing things? Good, Lord.

Rex Chapman mug shot without IPhone

Late Friday night Florida State decided to suspend Jameis Winston for the entire
game against Clemson after his stupid act in the student union on Tuesday. Apparently,
the Heisman Trophy didn't understand what the meaning of "suspended" really means.
He dressed for the game and went out for warm-ups before he was intercepted by
coach Jimbo Fisher who had a "WTF?!" moment, not to mention look on his face
when he saw Winston on the field. He sent Winston back to the locker room and
told him to change ASAP and stay away from the crab legs to be served for the
post-game meal.
"What the hell are you doing out here?"

Perhaps, the biggest "WTF?" moment came on Sunday during ESPN's "NFL
Countdown."  After ESPN broke the story the Baltimore Ravens tried to cover-up
the Ray Rice scandal, some producer at the worldwide leader thought it was a
good idea to get the thoughts of a man who was involved in the cover-up of a double
murder in Atlanta 14 years ago. Helloooooo, Ray Lewis. Just his appearance
alone was cringe-worthy. That turned into a train wreck when Lewis uttered
the most regrettable line in television in quite some time, "There are some things
you can cover-up, and other things you can't". Ray Lewis, you deserve an ESPY!

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