Thursday, August 28, 2014


If HBO needs a creative genius to produce their next hit series, Josh Shaw might just be
their guy. The USC team captain has such a fertile imagination, there's little doubt he could
produce something that would rival AMC's "Breaking Bad".

The defensive back of Trojans, who transferred from the University of Florida, which recently
gave society such upstanding citizens like Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper, and the 38 other
players with criminal records, spun a story so grand that even Vince Gilligan would've been
in awe.

Shaw walked into the football offices at USC limping badly. He told his coaches that he
sprained not one, but BOTH ankles jumping from a second-floor balcony to save his
7-year-old nephew who was drowning in a swimming pool. Only fitting that this heroic
act occurred near the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, which is also known as the city
of big dreams.
Shaw was dreaming all right---and lying. Turns out the story he concocted was one big lie.
Instead of being the hero a lot of people were making him out to be, Shaw turned out to be
one big zero.

He could've told his coaches that he tripped down the stairs escorting a little  old lady to a
cab waiting outside of her apartment and that would've been believable. Shaw could've said
he did a 360, windmill dunk on Blake Griffin in a pick-up game at the park and that probably would've flown with everybody.

Nope, Shaw went big, really big. He made himself a real-life action hero, jumping off
a balcony like Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible". But he didn't stop there. He found
his nephew flailing in the water and on death's doorstop. Shaw made like Superman and
pulled his nephew out of the water and save his life. I don't think he even got wet.

What a story!

Oprah, Dr. Phil, and the Today Show would've been falling all over themselves to get
the exclusive on this one. Sports Illustrated could've bumped another cover story on
Mo'Ne Davis for the USC captain and made him out to be braver and more unbroken
than Louis Zamperini, war hero and former USC star athlete.

Thankfully for Shaw and all of us, it never got to that point.

Shaw's story was a fraud. He made the entire thing up. Egg on the face, scarlett 'L' forever,
and a suspension from the USC football team.

There hasn't been a story this creative since Toronto Blue Jays manager Tim Johnson
kept telling everybody  he fought in Vietnam. He didn't. Johnson hasn't been heard
from since.

Shaw's story becomes more interesting because TMZ reported that he was allegedly
involved in a burglary and was seen "shimmying down" a second-floor apartment where
his girlfriend lived. I'm sure the reason Shaw was "shimmying down" might just turn
out to be just as entertaining as his, "I saved my nephew story".  It will be a classic.

Great story, Josh Shaw. Manti Teo is officially off the hook.

Give this man an Emmy.

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