Saturday, May 3, 2014


Believe it or not, there was a time when people had to have a real talent to be a star.

Long before steroids, implants, and mindless reality shows, stardom was achieved the
old-fashioned way: by working hard on your craft and earning it.

Not anymore.

Thanks to social media, the land of 1,000 channels, and the aforementioned reality
junk, which ironically, are from from being real, anybody can become a star almost

Say something stupid, do something controversial, or release some kind of sex tape or a
tape with heavy dirt on someone else and all of sudden, you become important. Katie,
Oprah, or Dr. Phil want to get the "exclusive" interview. The Today show wants to have
you on "live" because that would be a big "get" and a boon for the ratings and, after all,
in television, it's all about the ratings.

We've seen the likes of Snooki, Sitch, the housewives of everywhere, and all the
 Kardashians become rich and famous without having any discernible talent. Rachel Uchitel

achieved instant stardom for being Tiger Woods' girl. Yes, she was just one of the many
who Tiger had an affair with, but the media made her the most recognizable.

Now, V. Stiviano's 15 minutes of fame is on the clock.

Stiviano is the girlfriend or ex-girlfriend (In L.A., you just never know if it's current or
former) of Donald Sterling, whose racists comments got him banned from the NBA life.

Stiviano, who gladly accepted a Ferrari, two Bentley's, and a $1.8 millon condominium from
the longtime Clippers' owner, took a tape recorder into his home and all but egged her
80-year-old boyfriend (Sugar Daddy) into making insensitive comments.

From where I'm from and how I was raised, that's what you call a rat. That's what you
call sleazy. But in our world today, snakes who do this, seem to get glorified.

So, it wasn't a surprise when I clicked on the computer Saturday and saw that Stiviano is
going to be interviewed by Barbara Walters, who beat out everybody for the exclusive.

Yep,  Stiviano, who recorded Sterling spewing hate against minorities but said she wasn't
the one who released the tape to TMZ, is now a somebody. Right, and if you believe that
she didn't control who receieved the tape,  you have an I.Q. of less than two.

That's right, it just happened to be released so everybody on the planet could hear what
most people already knew: Sterling makes racist comments.

Stiviano knew exactly what she was and is doing. She's angling for her moment in the
spotlight. She has taken the shortcut to stardom, albeit temporary. I guess she had to do
something to cover up those blemishes on her rap sheet. Stiviano was arrested twice
in the past for petty theft and possession of a controlled substance. Sounds like a class
act to me. (wink, wink.)

There Stiviano was on the Barbara Walters special all dolled up, looking serious, and
trying to sound intelligent. She, of course, played the role of the victim and just about
every news outlet on the Internet picked up the story and promote it.

Stiviano is now a somebody. All she had to do was throw Sterling under the bus. Man,
that was easy. She'll be an Internet sensation and probably be "trending" over the weekend.

I'm sure there will be other interviews to come and offers to be made. A reality show is
likely in the works and you can bet Playboy will ask her to bare all for hefty sum.
Stiviano knows her star has a limit on how long it will shine and she is going to milk it
for as long as she can. What a beautiful human being.

Stiviano is bad news. She brought down Sterling and now she's being rewarded for it.

Only in America. Yes, only in America.

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