Sunday, April 27, 2014


This is ugly, real ugly.

Donald Sterling, the owner of the L.A. Clippers allegedly made racist comments to his
girlfriend, whom he openly flaunted in his court side seats despite the fact that he has a
wife of more than 50 years who also attends the games.

Nice, real nice.

And buried beneath all the disgusting, insensitive remarks and the infidelity,  is one
thing that people seem to be forgetting: why in the world were the comments of Sterling
recorded? Why did his girlfriend go through all the trouble of a buying a tape recorder,
hide it, and then use it to document the racist views of of a man she supposedly loved.
(wink, wink)

Money and revenge.

According to the L.A. Times, Sterling's wife Rochelle filed a lawsuit against her husband's
mistress. (This is already weird and bizarre to many of us, but to the people in Los Angeles,
this is no big deal, I'm sure.)

Sterling's wife wants her husband's girlfriend to return the money and property that the
Donald showered on V. Stiviano while they were "dating". That property includes a 2012
Ferarri, two Bentley's, a $1.8 million piece of property and the $240, 000 used for the
up keep of it. Wow.

I'm sure V. Stiviano, who looks to be about 35-years old,  is in love with the 80-year old
Sterling because of  his charm, personality, and undying commitment. Nope, it has absolutely
nothing to do with his power and money.

Naturally, V. Stiviano wants to keep the gifts that Sterling heaped upon her. She scored
some real nice things and feels she has the right to keep them. The Sterling's filed the
lawsuit saying she is all but a first-class gold digger. She's been embarrassed and outed
so you know what's coming next.

Yep,  revenge.

V. Stiviano probably went to Staples and purchased a recorder and most likely set out
to rile up Sterling and document his racist remarks. She knew what she was doing.
Sterling has a long history of allegedly making  racists comments, so this was probably
like stealing candy from a baby, or a house, a Ferrari, and two Bentley's from an 80-year
old man.

Stiviano's lawyer came out and said that his client didn't release the tape to TMZ, but
haven't we heard this many times before with all those wannabe stars who somehow
saw their sex tapes released to somebody without their consent.

Stiviano made sure the tape fell into the hands of TMZ so everybody could actually
hear for themselves the dirty filth of a guy Sterling is. There is no way the Clippers'
owner can talk his way out of this one. He can't buy his way out of it, either.

The court of public opinion came down hard and swift and his own players, the majority
of whom are black, are outraged, embarrassed, and appear close to a full-fledged revolt.

Sterling won't be able to recover from this. Ever. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and
the president have already condemned the Clippers owner for his alleged racist rant.
That's a powerful trio with incredible influence. You won't be seeing many people
coming to the defense of Sterling, that's for sure.

It's one thing when it's his word against somebody elses during a private conversation,
it's quite another when that "private" conversation is privately recorded and has
inflammatory remarks about minorities and then released for the entire world to hear.

Those racist words are on tape and cannot be erased. Ever.  Oh, sure, it may turn out
that portions of the the tapes have been doctored to make Sterling look like the biggest
racist in Los Angeles outside of Mark Fuhrman. In this world of a million apps and editing
tools, can we really put it past anyone to edit tapes and make something worse than it
actually is?

The public is getting a glimpse of the type of person Sterling has probably always been.
But we are also finding out about the depth of a character in V. Stiviano. She gladly took
Sterling's money and gifts when things were going good,  now she's serving an ice cold
dish of revenge now that her "lover" wanted to take them all back.

Oh, I'm sure V. Stiviano will get offers to bare all in a magazine, or most likely,  her own
reality show. That's how things seem to work these days, especially in Hollywood.

But who takes a recorder into a room unless they have some type of agenda? Stiviano's
agenda was to embarrass Sterling completely. Mission accomplished. His life will be a
living hell until he passes away.

Sterling actually dug his own grave, Stiviano just made sure to throw a ton of dirt on it.

Only in Los Angeles.

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