Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I was just thinking that the St. Louis Cardinals haven't missed Albert Pujols at all. They gone to
the World Series and two NLCS since God told him to take the money and be an Angel. So, I think
the Yankees can manage to succeed without Robinson Cano.

I was just thinking the Seattle Mariners how much they're going to regret giving a 30-year old
second-baseman a 10-year contract for $240 million. Name a player not on steroids who gets better from years 35-40?

I was just thinking how ridiculous the Dallas Cowboys look for firing defensive coordinator Rob
Ryan and replacing him with 70-something-year-old Monte Kiffin. Their defense would make
Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell look like Hall of Famers.

I was just thinking that Bill Belichick is proving his coaching genius once again. He lost Wes
Welker, Danny Woodhead, and Aaron Hernandez before the season and Vince Wilfork and
Jarod Mayo during it. They are 10-3 and are in the thick of the race to the Super Bowl. Now,
they have to find a away to win without Rob Gronkowski, but with the Hoodie, I don't think
it will be a problem. He always adjusts and finds a way.

I was just thinking the NFL's idea of a Super Bowl in New Jersey during February is beyond
stupid. What was the reasoning again? Further proof that the smartest people in the room often
make the dumbest decisions.

I was just thinking that there is nobody like Mike Ditka and there never will be. He is a man's
man, superhero, and a guy who is so hard not to like.

I was just thinking Florida State really shouldn't let Jameis Winston do any interviews on-camera.

I was just thinking that Scott Boras must be the best negotiator in the history of the world. Getting
Jacoby Ellsbury, who has averaged 10 home runs a year for his career and sometimes misses more
games than he plays, a $153 million contract.  Man, THAT is good.

I was just thinking how absurd it was for all those experts in the media who were burying Peyton
Manning after he lost the Patriots three weeks ago. They said he can't play in the cold and was
showing his age. SHUT UP. The guy has 45 TD passes this season and has thrown for more than
4,500 yards with three games to play. He's the lock for record fifth MVP.

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