Thursday, October 31, 2013


I caught up with Bobby Valentine this morning as he was en route to driving the girls
volleyball team at Sacred Heart University to a match in New Jersey. Here are the Top
10 things I took from the interview with the former Red Sox manager who admitted that
he didn't watch a single inning of the World Series, but just the post-game celebration

10. It's Halloween. I dressed up, how the hell did you know it was me? I think I'll wear this
for a while. The next few months could be tough.

 9.  I'll trade them my bike for a World Series ring. That's a fair deal, right?


8. In reality, winning a World Series in the United States is nothing compared to winning one
in Japan. I didn't see anybody tossing up John Farrell into the air after they won.

7. Can we put this interview on pause for second? I have to go pick up my kid at the airport.

6. Let it be said that the Mets did more than the Yankees during 9/11 and if Red Sox
management had let me hire my own coaches, I would've won the World Series, too!

5. I've never won a real World Series, but if I did, there's no way it could surpass the feeling
of driving the women's volleyball team at Sacred Heart down I-95, passing through Camden,
and getting them to their game at Glassboro State. Now, that's what you call fulfilling.

4. Well, at least I was right about Kevin Youkilis. He's always hurt and he stinks.

3. It was me, not Cherington, who discovered Koji. I knew him from my days in Japan
and begged the Sox to acquire him. I'm taking credit for that one like I did for the invention
of the sandwich wrap and selfie.

2. Technically, I was still under contract with the Red Sox this year. I WAS getting paid,
which means I should be getting a ring. If they're going to give some bling to every usher,
and hot dog vendor, then they could at least give one to the biggest clown in the circus, right?

1.  Do you know where the tallest building in Connecticut is?

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