Thursday, October 17, 2013


Condolezza Rice was named as one of the 13 people to sit on the College Football Playoff
committee that will pick the four teams that will play for the national championship starting
in 2014. I admire and respect Rice for her strong background which includes being secretary
of state during  the Bush Administration. Wait a minute, is that really a great accomplishment? Anyway, Rice must have won her office fantasy league pool the last couple of years to get on
this committee. Sadly, this is nothing more than a mindless publicity stunt to get the committee
some attention. If she wasn't on it and there wasn't some controversy, would anybody even know about it?

Also on the committee are: Pat Haden, USC athletic director and former QB, Archie Manning,
college football legend, and Tom Osborne, former Nebraska college legend and A.D. All good
choices. But if I had to pick a team to pick the Final Four of college football, I'd go with this

WILL FERRELL (CHAIRMEN) Unlike Rice, Ferrell really knows his sports. He has played
legends such as Ricky Bobby, Chazz Michael Michaels, and Jackie Moon on the silver screen
and as we saw on "SNL", he is one helluva cheerleader. Ferrell is versatile, intelligent, and
went to USC, a football factory which gives him major credibility.

MIKE DITKA Why "Iron Mike" didn't make the original list is beyond me. Ditka was an
All-American at the University of Pittsburgh and is enshrined in both the College and Pro Football
Hall of Fames. Few are tougher that Ditka, who could break any ties or debates behind closed
doors. Plus, he looks really intelligent with those new glasses he wears on ESPN.

WALTER WHITE Now that "Breaking Bad" is over, White has some free time on his
hands. Who said he was dead? Did you check his pulse? Nothing like a good comeback. The
guy is smart, immoral,  corrupt, and egotistical, which really would make him a perfect fit
for any committee involving the NCAA.

KEVIN PLANK The founder and CEO of Under Armour knows football. He was a walk-on
at Maryland before parlaying his desire for a cotton-free shirt into a sports apparel empire.
Plank is smart, has good sized stones, and has proven that he knows what having a vision is
all about. Plus, the final four teams would be guaranteed to wear the ugliest uniforms in
the history of college football.

SNOOKI If the recently unveiled committee can have Condolezza Rice, why can't Snooki
help choose the best four teams in college football?

BOBBY VALENTINE The guy everybody loves to hate. The man who invented the sandwich
wrap and brought the Red Sox down like the Titanic, was an All-American running back
out of high school and was slated to play football at USC before signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He knows everything about everything, including which teams should play for the
NCAA title.

JOHN BOEHNER You say Bay-ner, I say boner, which means he'd fit right in with any
committee affiliated with the NCAA that's in charge of making a playoff system work,
but usually makes a ton of mistakes.

ALEX RODRIQUEZ A-Rod played QB in high school and is a self-proclaimed sports nut.
He's probably going to have some free time on his hands after he loses the appeal for his
suspension for PED's.

PRESIDENT OBAMA His NCAA basketball tournament brackets suck every year, maybe
picking the Final Four in football will be his true calling.

PETE ROSE. Why not?

ROB GRONKOWSKI The Patriots Tight end would be the life of this party. Strippers and
his mantra, "Yo Soy Fiesta" would be the motto of this committee.

POPE FRANCIS You have to have at least one person on the committee with a moral compass
that works.

REBECCA SCHULTE Total dark horse and a big one. The GM of Comcast SportsNet
Baltimore/Washington D.C. didn't do anything to get all the high-ranking positions she
has, which is a talent in and of itself, but she does have some amazing powers, like knowing
what people are doing in a cubicle more than 2,000 miles away.

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