Monday, September 30, 2013


We all say things that we'd love to take back. There are moments when we think dumb
and say even dumber. We'd love to hit the erase button almost as soon as stupid comes
out of our pie hole. It's life, it happens.

It happened to Chris Collinsworth on Sunday night and I'm sure he was hoping most of us
were watching the series finale of "Breaking Bad" or updating our Facebook status for the
10th time of hour.

Collinsworth, who gets paid millions of dollars to analyze one game a week for NBC, was
waxing poetic about the magician that is Bill Belichick during the Patriots-Falcons game.
Unfortunately, he pulled a Roger Clemens and "misremembered" the enormous elephant in
the Patriots room.

He was praising the Hoodie for making the "problem" in the problem childs of the team go
away, specifically of Aqib Talib, the talented cornerback for the Patriots who had some
off-the-field issues before he got to New England.

“All Bill Belichick does is bring them in here and there hasn’t been one ounce of a problem,” Collinsworth said. “There’s something about when they come in and play for Patriots,
whatever  their issues may have been before, they disappear. They play great football for
them and Aqib Talib is at the top of that list.”

Um, hello? McFly, anybody home? At almost the same time those words came out of the
mouth of Collinsworth, just about everybody who wasn't watching "Breaking Bad" or the
"Talking Bad" follow up, uttered the words that have been famously shortened by text users everywhere: WTF?

Collinsworth had a total brain cramp or just drank from Belichick's Kool-Aid, forgetting about
some guy named  Aaron  Hernandez as if he never existed. Belichick has done a pretty good
job of making the  stench of Hernandez disappear from the organization, and he must have
destroyed the  memory cell in the brain of Collinsworth,  as well. The picture of Hernandez
being led away from his home in handcuffs has been seared into the minds of millions of
football fans, especially the ones in New England. Collinsworth failed to retain it.

Hernandez came to the Patriots with more issues than Walter White and Belichick didn't
exactly coach up his character, did he? He didn't wave his magic wand and make all those
"issues" disappear, right? Having a player with a checkered past arrested on a murder charge
isn't something the Hoodie wanted on his personal record. At least, Collinsworth forgot
about it, though.

Collinsworth is clearly another person who has sipped the Patriots drink. They are
a phenomenal organization that has done a lot of things right. Winning 3 Super Bowls
since 2001 and having double-digit wins for the last 10 years is pretty incredible. But
Belichick can't change a tiger's stripes. He can get those players with "issues" to fall
in line to a point, but true colors are true colors and they usually bleed through the
red, white, and blue of the Patriots.

Collinsworth mentioned other problem children such as Corey Dillon and Randy Moss
who came to New England as known malcontents. They contributed greatly to the
team's success, but as soon as they started to leak poison into the locker room, Belichick
got rid of them, their egos, and deadly toxins.

Belichick had a chance to get rid of Hernandez before it was too late. But there was too
much money and talent tied up in the guy who now sits in a jail cell awaiting his day
in court. Belichick couldn't fix a guy who was unfixable and for Collinsworth to forget
about former player who has been arrested in connection of a murder, is pretty darn

I'm sure Colllinsworth cringed like we all did as soon as he let stupid spew from his
mouth. He is a bright, articulate, and engaging person and analyst. I'm sure he'd like to
have  a mulligan on that one, unfortunately, the sport he covers for a living, isn't golf.

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