Saturday, September 7, 2013


The Dos Equis guy is without question, the most interesting man in the world. But the title
of the most interesting beard in the world, might just go to Mike Napoli of the Boston Red
Sox. He's taking his beard to a whole new level. Here's the tale of the beard: Napoli vs
the Dos Equis guy.

                          The Dos Equis guy's beard is so substantial it shows up on x-rays.

                         Mike Napoli's beard is so substantial David Ortiz hides his PED's in it.

            The Dos Equis guy's beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body.

                          Mike Napoli's beard alone has experienced the body of a porn star.

Last time the Dos Equis guy shaved, he donated a double-king sized comforter to an orphanage.

   Last time Mike Napoli shaved, the Red Sox had a double-king sized reliever called "El Guapo."

If anbody pulls on his beard, the Dos Equis guy has made it clear he will kill you.
If anybody pulls on his beard, Napoli has made it clear it feels good and you can do it again.

                 Eskimos have seven different words to describe the Dos Equis guy's beard.

Bobby Valentine has named seven of his world-famous sandwich wraps after Napoli's beard.

                                 The Dos Equis guy lists his beard his on his donor card

  Mike Napoli doesn't have a donor card, but if he did, he'd list the beard of Johnny Gomes on it.

              When the Dos Equis guy tugs on his beard, the lights go out in his mansion.

          When Mike Napoli tugs on his beard, he hits a bomb to turn the lights out on the Yankees.



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