Thursday, August 1, 2013


No matter what happens today, tomorrow, or this weekend, the career of Alex Rodriquez
is over. After more than 2,500 games and 11,000 at-bats, A-Rod's batting average sits perfectly
at .300. And it won't change.

Alex Rodriquez has played his last game in the major leagues even if he can broker a deal
of a 100-plus game suspension with commissioner Bud Selig. At 38-years old, A-Rod is too old,
too broken, and too toxic to get a shot at ever playing again. Oh, sure, A-Rod will keep the $60
million left on his contract after his suspension is up. But he's property of the New York Yankees,
who have pretty much made it clear that A-Rod will never suit up in the pinstripes again, even
if their current sack of third baseman continue to make Mario Mendoza look like a dangerous

If A-Rod's suspension runs through all of next year, there won't be much of a market for a
broken down, near 40-year old, radioactive superstar who has been dripping in PED's for a
long, long time. He'll be more of a pariah than Jose Canseco who blew the top off the Steroid
Era with his book about the juicers in the game, including A-Rod. People criticized Canseco
for outing nearly everyone in the game, but he turned out to be telling the truth.

Major League Baseball doesn't want any part of Alex Rodriquez anymore. He has lied, cheated,
lied and cheated again. Plus, he disrespected the game unlike any player since Pete Rose. They
have painted A-Rod's ball the deepest shade of black and re-entry into the game will be virtually impossible

After all the scandals we've seen from Tiger Woods to Penn State and Rutgers, there's is nothing
that should surprise anybody, anymore. But the fall of A-Rod is dramatic. Once a player MLB
was proud to promote and make the face of the game, A-Rod is now the face of shame and
steroids whom the Yankees and the Commissioner's Office cannot stand. If they could wave
a wand and make him disappear, they would.

A-Rod will not go quietly, he never has and never will. There will be talk of a comeback, doing
the right thing, and helping the commissioner rid the game of steroids for good. A-Rod will
say all the right things for the cameras and microphones in a neatly choreographed package.
But as we've seen from A-Rod throughout his career, saying and doing are two completely
different things.

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  1. There is always Dancing with the Stars, and of course, a book deal.