Sunday, August 18, 2013


It's time to blow up the NCAA and all their back asswards rules.

I'm serious. They should put themselves in a box with all their rules and "by-laws" and have
Kim Jong-un of North Korea place it on top of a nuclear warhead and flip the switch. It's time
to start over.

We've all known for a long time the governing body of college athletics makes
Ryan Braun look like a man of character and integrity. The NCAA has no clue. None.
Want proof? Just keep reading.

Steven Rhodes spent five years in the military shortly after graduating from high school in
Tennessee. Upon completion, the 6-3, 240-pound Marine sergeant contacted the football coaches
at Middle Tennessee State and inquired about walking-on to make the team. The coaches pretty
much said, "Come on down, we'd love to have you."

Rhodes, 24, was fired up. He was going to get the chance to fulfill a dream of playing college
football. Rhodes played tight end and defensive end in preseason camp for MTSU.

That was until the NCAA stepped in and said, not so fast.

Apparently, Rhodes played in a military-only recreational football league during his time in
the service. Let me say that again, he played a military-only RECREATIONAL league. It
wasn't two-hand touch in shirts and skins and they kept score, but it wasn't like it counted in
the RPI rankings or teams were eligible for the USA Today-ESPN Top 25 College Football poll.

Yet, there was the good 'ole NCAA, who must be seeing triple from investigating Johnny
Manziel so often, informing Rhodes that he was ineligible to play for MTSU this season. He
must redshirt for one year.

I can just hear Allen Iverson now. "We're talking about a recreational league, not the SEC,
but a recreational league. No, no, no. Not the Big 10, but a recreational league." Good, grief

In the famous words of Vince Lombardi, "What the hell is going out there?"

This is beyond ludicrous.

The official rule keeping Rhodes from playing this season is NCAA bylaw  The rule
says student-athletes who do not enroll in college within a year of their high school graduation
will be charged a year of intercollegiate eligibility for every academic year they participate in organized competition.

Yes, Rhodes took a year off after high school to work, but he participated in "organized
competition?" A military-only league?! It's funny, I didn't see any of those game on ESPN
or even Bravo. I must've missed the cover story in USA Today. What a bunch of NCAA-pile
of garbage.

Serving in the military should be enough for Rhodes to get a pass from the NCAA, but it won't.
The NCAA and all its rules won't allow it. Those recreational games involving air traffic
controllers versus mechanics are serious business and quite possibly could be cheating or

The NCAA is on a bad roll. They can't do anything right, but this is the absolute worst. It's a
joke, really, just one big joke. Oh, but please stop by the NCAA web site to order gear of
your favorite college team.


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