Monday, August 12, 2013


Jason Dufner is an old school golfer who would've been perfect on That '70's Show of the
PGA Tour. He has the body of Raymond Floyd, dresses like Hale Irwin, and the personality
of Bruce Lietzke.

He is more Pabst Blue Ribbon than P90X,  resembles Spaulding more than Sergio, probably
favors Wendy's instead of Whey Protein, and unlike A-Rod, you can bet he's never kissed
himself in the mirror.

In short, it's why we should love Jason Dufner.

Dufner is the everyman, a guy perfectly imperfect, who just does one thing better than most
weekend hackers. He can flat-out play. But up until his victory in the PGA Championship on Sunday, the dough-boy golfer was most famous for his pose in a grade school classroom where
he was captured slumped over and zoned out. The picture went viral and suddenly, "Tebowing",
took a back seat to "Dufnering".

That word could also be applied to his play during the final round of majors, where he just
couldn't get it done. In the 2011 PGA Championship, Dufner blew a four-shot lead with four
holes to play and eventually lost to Keegan Bradley in a playoff.

However, Dufner gave new meaning to "Dufnering" in his last shot at glory in 2013. He
blistered the course in the second round, shooting an incredible 63. Dufner showed all the
emotion of a mortician dressing up a corpse, but we marveled at his ball striking and
precision around the greens. Dufner didn't fold under pressure on Sunday and hung on to
capture his first major as Tiger Woods is still looking to capture his first since 2008.

Dufner is the anti-Tiger. It's fit versus flab, impeccably dressed to dressed by Garanimals,
machine versus man made by Ring Dings. On Sunday, Dufner was far better than Tiger and
certainly more  likable. It was his moment, his time to shine, a day that gave new meaning to "Dufnering".

Oh, yeah, and how bout Dufner's wife, Amanda? That's what you call a really good playing

Maybe it's really Jason Dufner's world and we're all just living in it. He seems to have it
figured it out better than most.

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