Sunday, August 18, 2013


If there was ever a poster boy for the dangers of steroids, it's Jared Remy.

If there was ever a picture that screamed out, "Look, this is what steroids can do to you,"
it's the one of Remy being arraigned after a murder charge.

If there was ever a case that explains 'roid rage' better than the Remy one, I haven't found it.

The story of Jared Remy is a sad, tragic one. The alleged murder of his girlfriend and the
mother of his child, is senseless, heartwrenching, and just plain disgusting. Was it caused by
years of steroid use? I'm not sure even the most educated and best physician can answer that
definitively, but just about anybody with a pulse will tell you that it played a big part in it.

Longtime use of steroids took its toll on Remy. His face is bloated, the size of his head,
enormous, the look in his eyes, frightening. The aging process, because of all the years of
pumping powerful drugs into his body, zoomed past the 40's and straight in the 50's.

This is what steroids do. They build up the body, yet destroy it at the same time. They might
make you look good on the outside, but tear you up on the inside. They screw up your organs
and mess up your mind.

Remy's mind has clearly been messed up for a long time. Nobody with strong mental health
bashes a woman in the head with a beer bottle. No man without his screws loose, rams the
face of his girlfriend into a mirror. No person who has it all together, repeatedly stabs another
person until the life is sucked out of them.

Doctors have tried to tell us about the damaging effects of steroids, but nobody seems to listen.
The NCAA makes powerful commercials about the dangers of PED's, but hardly anyone takes
them seriously.

Maybe after seeing what steroids have done to Jared Remy, people will think differently. Every
high school in the country should put a poster with Jared Remy's picture up in the locker room

It's harsh, I know, but so was the ending to Jennifer Martel's life. It didn't have to happen. Neither
did the steroid use of Jared Remy. People, specifically, high school aged kids, need to get the
message. They need to be scared straight about the harmful effects of steroids. Maybe this
will help


  1. Thanks for you opinion. Now I will give mine: Steroids may have nothing to do with this murder. People like you often site similar cases of known steroid users committing murder (i.e., Chris Benoit) as evidence that steroids lead to violent behavior. The truth is that Jared Remy has a history of criminal behavior, which probably has more to do with inherent emotional instability. If you want to be a reputable blogger/journalist, and if you want to be taken seriously then at least back up what you say with credible evidence or sound reasoning.

    Lastly, if you're going to pick a battle then pick the right one: alcohol. Alcohol is root cause of many, many, many more incidences of violent behavior and senseless death. From what I've researched, steroids are directly attributable to less than 10 deaths. Alcohol is directly attributable to 100s of thousands.

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