Friday, August 16, 2013


I'm sure there will be people in Jared Remy's circle of friends who will say he was a nice
guy. There will be stories in coming days that he was a sensitive, caring man who had a great
sense of humor.

Some people will say he was misunderstood and just had trouble living in the gigantic
shadow of his father, Jerry, a former Red Sox player who became a cult a cult hero in New England as a broadcaster. The local news will have sound bites from a neighbor of Remy's
who knew him growing up, saying, "I never thought he could do something like this, he
was always such a nice young boy."

Stop. We don't want to hear it.

Jared Remy, allegedly, killed his 27-year old girlfriend, Jennifer Martel, on Thursday
night, just two days after being arrested for assaulting her at their home in Waltham, MA. Oh,
he just, allegedly, bashed her face into a mirror like any real thug would.

There are a lot of people in law enforcement and the court system who should be looking at themselves in the mirror for not locking up Remy and throwing away the key. According to
Waltham  court records, Remy has a violent criminal history,  including 15 criminal charges
since 1998. He's also accused of assaulting five people -- including four women -- and was
involved in at least three restraining orders.

Oh, yeah, he was also fired by the Boston Red Sox after an MLB investigation into his
possible involvement with steroids. Remy was so juiced up on 'roids over the years, his
head appeared to be twice the size of the XXXL dome of Barry Bonds.

This is a sad, sad case. A beautiful 27-year old woman and the mother of a four year-old
child is dead. It didn't have to happen.

Remy can be classified as a beast and not exactly the kind of guy any woman should
bring home to meet the parents. We all have our problems and Remy, clearly, had his
fair share of his.

Now, the Waltham Police Department and court system has a few big ones of their own.
A person with a violent criminal history and a known steroid-user is arrested on Tuesday
for allegedly assaulting the woman he lives with and he's released on his own recognizance?
What they were really saying is they released him because they recognized who is father is.
Yep, they just sent him on his way and ordered him to stop abusing the girlfriend and the
face he rammed into a mirror less than 48 hours earlier.

Good, Lord.

Did the Waltham Police and courts not learn a thing from the O.J. Simpson double-murder
case? Were they just intoxicated by celebrity and the influence of his famous father? This is
absolutely absurd. This woman did not have to die a violent death. She didn't have to
die at all.

Did they think Jared was going to go to Jared and bring the woman he just assaulted
a big diamond ring and flowers? Did they not see a muscle-bound maniac who's face
looked like it was about to explode, and history of violence against Martel and other
woman? Were they sleeping in class when they were being taught about the obvious
signs of domestic violence and the escalation of it?

Come on, this is almost elementary.

The Waltham Police and court system screwed up, and screwed up big time. They failed a
27-year old woman who had so much to live for. They failed to see the most obvious of
signs. And now, I'm sure, there will be people who will try to paint her in a bad light and
disparage her after she's gone. That's how it works, doesn't it?

It didn't have to be like this? Some many lives are effected and, in reality, destroyed.
This didn't have to happen and wouldn't have, if the Waltham Police and court system
just did what they are paid to do: serve and protect.

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  1. What a horrible news, and all while their little girl was there, It makes me sick, praying for that child and Ms. Martel's family, found her bio and lots of pics here