Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I am a steroid and I got A-Rod busted again.

I am a steroid and I really did it this time. A 211-game suspension for my boy A-Rod?

I am a steroid and I can make players 'misremember' the truth. A-Rod lied, denied, and
even tried to tell Katie Couric he never used me. Who's fooling who?

I am a steroid and A-Rod couldn't do without me. Even after he told the world we
no longer had a relationship, he was still sneaking around to carry on our affair.

I am a steroid. A-Rod and I became friends long before he ever donned the pinstripes.

I am a steroid and I helped A-Rod become the best player in the game and sign that
juiced up $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers.

I am a steroid. Have you seen what I've done to Alex Rodriquez lately? I made his ego
bigger than Jose Canseco's arms. I was responsible  for those, too. Did you see A-Rod
kiss himself in the mirror? That was because of me.

Remember when he tried to pick up those girls after being benched in the playoffs?
Yep, my signature, or um, syringe was all over that.

I am a steroid and that 211-game suspension is not going to stick to A-Rod.

I am a steroid and the Yankees are still going to owe A-Rod a whole lot of money.

I am a steroid and I'm waiting for the next Victor Conte or Tony Bosch who can make
me as undetectable again like the Stealth B-52 bomber.

I am a steroid and do you really think A-Rod can give me up?

I am a steroid and I think A-Rod is looking for Peter Gammons to talk to---again.

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