Friday, August 2, 2013



Dear Aaron Hernandez:

That was a very touching letter you wrote from prison. I realize you should be catching
passes from Tom Brady right about now, but God has other plans for you, as you seem
to think.

God's original plan for Aaron Hernandez was a pretty good one, wouldn't you say? He
blessed you with freakish athletic talent that helped you become an All-American at Florida
and a star player with the New England Patriots. You had more money than you knew what
to do with and were catching passes from the best quarterback in the NFL. Talk about a great plan!

But you know, what Aaron, you screwed up his plan. God didn't put you in prison for a
reason, you did it to yourself. He had nothing to do with it. You're just lucky it didn't happen
years ago. Perhaps, God was updating his Facebook status or tweeting to the Pope when you
sucker punched that waiter when you were in college at Florida. You blew the guy's ear drum
out for crying out loud and got away with it. Maybe your God was really Urban Meyer who
always looked out for you. He kept you out of jail and even convinced Bill Belichick to draft
you when everybody else in the NFL ran away from because you were as toxic as nuclear waste.

You wrote in your letter that 'GOD put (you) in the situation for a reason!" OK, I stand corrected.
You are a dangerous person that can no longer be trusted in society. Perhaps, that is why you are
in a prison cell right now.

You may be 'NOT GUILTY' as you wrote. OJ, Casey Anthony, and George Zimmerman were
not guilty, as well. It doesn't mean they were innocent, just not guilty enough in the eyes of
the jury to convict and make them spend the rest of their lives in prison. I realize that you may
walk free even if there is a mountain of evidence against you.

But rest assured, God will have nothing to do with it. Nothing.


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