Thursday, August 22, 2013


Red Sox pitcher John Lackey openly criticized Alex Rodriguez for being allowed to play
after being suspended for 211-games by Major League Baseball. He didn't think it was right
despite the fact that he and the players union fought for, and bargained in the right to appeal
in the collective bargaining agreement. Love, him, hate him, or just want to spit on him, A-Rod
was just exercising his right to due process, which is something we all would have done.

Lackey also seemed to forget about the 'unwritten code' that you often hear players scream
to the world about. He openly criticized a player through the media, of course, which is
something you almost never hear. The players talk about being "in this together" and always
having that"us against them" mentality." He also seems to forget that, as bad as A-Rod's
monster contract is, it raised the bar and helped other players, including himself, get filthy
rich contracts.

If I had a dollar for every time a pitcher appealed a suspension after intentionally drilling a
batter, I could probably pay Lackey's $18 million a year salary. Most of them always appeal.
Ryan Dempster of the Red Sox knew better though, if he appealed, he would've looked like
one helluva hypocrite to his teammates and everyone on the planet after intentionally smoking
A-Rod with a fastball in the ribs.

I'm not condemning A-Rod, nor defending him, but where was all the outrage from the
fans, media, and players when Bartolo Colon got suspended for 50-games last year and
not only got the opportunity to come back, but got a $3 million contract with the A's. Colon,
at 40, made the All-Star team. How does MLB allow that to happen? How does a guy like
Colon get rewarded after lying, cheating, and disgracing the game?

Where was the outrage when Melky Cabrera signed a 3-year, $16 million after failing a
drug test last year shortly after winning the MVP award in the All-Star game. Incidentally,
that win helped the San Francisco Giants get home-field advantage in the World Series
which they eventually won. So, basically, by cheating, Cabrera helped the National League
win the All-Star game which gave the Giants the edge they needed to win everything. John
Lackey, any comments?

Marlon Byrd hung out with Victor Conte and failed a drug test two years and got
suspended for 50-games. Nobody blinked, complained, or plunked him in the ribs after
the New York Mets signed him to a contract. And nobody has said a peep after watching
Byrd hit 21 home runs this year. Mr. Lackey, your comments please.

I understand. It's the way things work in our world. It all depends on who you are. If you're
A-Rod, you deserve to be tarred and feather. If you're Bartolo Colon or Marlon Byrd, you
deserve to get a pass. Totally ridiculous.

MLB is the biggest hypocrite of all. They turned a blind eye to the steroid era when home
runs were flying out of the park, fans were coming back to the games in droves, and the
networks were lavishing you with ridiculous money. I understand. During the congressional
hearing on steroids in 2005, commissioner Bud Selig asked rhetorically,

       "Did we have a major problem? No. Let me say this to you: There is no concrete
        evidence of that, there is no testing evidence, there is no other kind of evidence."

What? Hello? McFly? Did you forget about the list of 103 players in 2003, including
A-Rod, David Ortiz, Sammy Sosa, and Manny Ramirez who tested positive for steroids? Oh,
I understand, it wasn't a "major" problem because only 103 out of 700 players tested positive
and the other 600 players were totally clean. Hilarious.

And people are calling A-Rod and Ryan Braun a liar?

Yes, Selig makes $17 million a year, thanks in large part to the steroid era. The huge
contracts with the networks have been signed, sealed, and are delivering millions into
the owners pockets. Commissioner Bud is on his way out and wants to ride off into the
sunset knowing he did everything he could  do to clean up baseball, the same game he
allowed to be polluted because of the steroid era, that same era  he presided over.


  1. Excellent article! I looked you up after hearing (I believe it was) you on the Boomer & Carton show the other day when Robert Wuhl was on for Boomer. All I caught was your first name and that you were in Bull Durham with Mr. Wuhl, that was enough to make me reverse engineer the movie on IMDB to see the minor league teams you were on and who the roommate you were talking about might have been. You seem very knowledgeable and levelheaded about this wonderful game of baseball and the ills that have befallen it. Consider me a fan, sir!

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