Monday, July 29, 2013


Anthony Weiner is to the New York Post what hot dogs are to Joey Chestnut: a feast you can
devour over and over, all day long. He is the gift that keeps on giving and a public figure who
has morphed into a cartoon character right before our very eyes.

The only thing worse than being a politician with the last name Weiner, is being embroiled in
a sexting scandal in the media capital of the world where the New York Post reigns supreme
among the Big Apple tabloids. The Post, which churns out the best headlines of any paper in
the country, is having a field day with all of Weiner's boners.

Weiner's addiction to sexting has allowed the New York Post to double it's pleasure with
sophomoric but wildly entertaining headlines. Not one scandal involving Weiner, but two??!!!
You just can't make this stuff up and tt's almost as if their headline writers and editors
are playing a game of, "Can you top this?" And they usually do. The headlines and captions
that come out every day are laugh your butt off material. Just when you think they can't get
any better, they do.

Let's face it, nobody buys the New York Post for their in-depth, scintillating, and riveting
articles. It's a McPaper, read quickly and without really any intellectual value Weiner-gate
is the Super Bowl for the New York Post headline writers. It's their time to shine and get
recognized for their wittiness and creativity. Nothing is off-limits or out-of-bounds, everything
with the Weiner is fair game and we've sure seen it all, haven't we?

If you're Weiner and his wife, what do you do? Avoid the newsstands? Try to buy all the
papers before commuters hit rush hour? Or just roll with the punches? But really, how can
you when you're the butt of every joke, every single day?

OK. We know Weiner's political career is cooked. You might be able to recover from
one Armageddon, but there is no way anyone survives Armageddon II. Nope, not when your
another scandal that involves sexting with 3, 8, or however many woman Weiner was
sexting to.

Weiner shouldn't fret. One of the eight zillion networks out there who are in need of some
numbers and some attention, will make him a reality show. As it stands right now, Weiner
is the best reality show in the country and he's not even trying. Right now, he's a bigger name
and a draw than Eliot Spitzer, the disgraced former governor of New York who somehow got
his own show on CNN. Man, that tells you two things: one, how desperate CNN was and how
poorly they were managed.

It's only a matter of time before Weiner pulls out of the mayoral race, but the scandal won't
end anytime soon. Like with Tiger Woods, there is another woman out there who has saved
all the sexts from Weiner and it looking for here 15 minutes of fame. She might not cash in,
but you can bet the New York Post will. They live for this.

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