Thursday, July 18, 2013


Johnny Manziel did this, Johnny Manziel, did that, Johnny Manziel tweeted this, Johnny
Manziel drank all that. Enough already! Why is the media and the football nation so
obsessed with the 20-year old quarterback from Texas A & M? Get a life and let him live
his own the way he wants to live it.

Ever since Manziel came out of nowhere to win the Heisman Trophy last year, the first
freshman in the history of college football to capture the award, he has been on everybody's
radar. There's Johnny at a party, there's Johnny at the Playboy mansion, see Johnny get
drunk, see a picture of Johnny wasted on Twitter. You'd think this guy was the illegitimate
child of all the Kardashians or something with all the attention he's attracting. Say this about
Manziel, at least he's got talent, which is more than you can say about the entire Kardashian
Klan combined.

Do you remember what kind of person you were and how you acted at the age of 20? I'm sure
most of us will admit to loving life, taking chances, and not having a care in the world,  even
if we  were still trying to find our way in it. Imagine what you would've done if you had won
the most prestigious award in college football and just about everybody loved you. Yep, you  probably would've enjoyed the good life like Johnny Manziel.

Don't people have anything better to do than keep an eye ball on the kid? Oh, right, this is the
part where he gets torn down after the media built him up so quickly. After all,  he has everything,
the Heisman Trophy, model girlfriend, and the great nickname (Johnny Football). Manziel has
already accomplished more in the last year than most athletes achieve in their lifetimes. Are
people jealous? Never in this country. (wink, wink). Do they want to see him fail? Noooooo,
nobody would ever want to see that.

Over the past few days, the rising sophomore at Texas A & M has been answering questions
about his disappearance/ejection from the Manning Passing Camp. The Mannings are football
royalty and there was the perception that Manziel "disrespected" football's first family. There
were all kinds of rumors of Manziel sleeping through his wake-up call because he was hungover,
to the Mannings asking him to leave. Really?

Get over it.

By the reaction of those on Twitter, Facbook, and all those college football message boards,
you'd think that Manziel ate the children if Nick Saban or was the wing man of Aaron Hernandez.
What has he done? Oh, right, he got busted for a fake I.D., which must have made him the
only student in the history of the world to get booked for that hard crime.

He didn't get arrested like PJ Hairston, the leading scorer for the UNC basketball team, who
was stopped for marijuana possession and had a 9mm pistol, not to mention being associated
with some really bad guys with criminal records.

Manziel didn't get arrested like Kendrick Rhodes of Florida International for a laundry list
of bad things like discharging a weapon on school property, improper exhibition of a weapon
or firearm, discharging a firearm in public, using a firearm while under the influence of alcohol
or a controlled substance.

He wasn't like Manti Te'o who had an imaginary girlfriend.

Critics say the Manziel should do a better job of representing his school, Texas A & M.
Hilarious. He represents their bank account and that's all they care about. Do you know
how many Manziel jerseys and items with Johnny Football they've sold?  Manziel has
meant millions to Texas A & M. Millions. No player in college football is more valuable
to a school than Manziel. He's knows it. Texas A & M knows it.

Manziel said he's going to continue to live his life the way he wants to and "to the fullest."
Good for him. That's how we want to live ours, don't we? You, me, his coach, or Dr. Phil
are not  going to change him.

Let Manziel be who he is; a 20-year old kid loving life, who just happens to be a Heisman
Trophy winner and one they call Johnny Football.


  1. This post actually surprises me. As a Mom of 3 sons, 21, 23 & 25 I know well what is living life to the fullest, however, the are not Heisman trophy winners and this carries a certain protocol not in Johnny Football's wheelhouse.....20 or not he needs to move forward with better advisors.

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