Sunday, July 21, 2013


Geraldo hasn't embarrassed himself this badly since he opened Al Capone's vault
on national television and found nothing.

The former king of trash TV posted a selfie on Twitter that made just about everybody
on the social media highway go, "Ewwwww!" There was Geraldo in all his glory, with
nothing but a towel on, showing off his physique in a place that kind of looked like a
morgue. The caption under the picture posted by Geraldo?

"70 is the new 50."

Yeah, and Geraldo's obsession with himself is the same at 70 as it was at 50, 40, 30,
and 20.

If I got the exclusive with him, I'd ask him just one question: What the hell were you thinking?

OK, so I'd have a few follow-up questions like any good reporter would do.

Did you need the attention this badly? Is your contract up for renewal at Fox and you needed
something to drive up your Q-rating?

Were you aiming to be on the cover of Rolling Stone?

Are you friends with Anthony Weiner?

In this day and age of Twitter and Facebook, we are not really surprised by anything
anymore, but this decision by Geraldo to show off his P90 Generation X body is just
so bizarre, even for Geraldo.

Oh, Geraldo knows how the media works and realizes that bad press is better than no
press at all. But this is FRIGHTENING! He belongs in the 'Haunted House' at Disney
World instead of the newsroom at Fox. Forget about fair and balanced, this is both
comical and downright scary.

I don't know, maybe I should be like Geraldo and the other television people who
document their lives by taking and posting pictures of themselves every five minutes.
It might help my Q-rating.

I'm going upstairs to take a selfie of me and nothing but a towel.  In the media today,
narcissism is the new talent.

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