Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Bryce Harper didn't say anything during the home run derby on Monday night, but we learned
more about him than we had ever known. The 20-year old phenom of the Washington Nationals
brought his father, Ron, and brother, Bryan, to take part in the All-Star festivities and they
showed us that style is all in the family.

First of all, watching a father throw to his son on baseball's biggest stage, was pretty special. It
brought back a lot of memories for all of us who grew up with our dad's pitching batting practice
on a local field somewhere across the United States. But as the night and contest wore on, we
got to see a lot more than that. The cameras opened a window and let the world see what a
baseball family is really like. We saw the love, respect, and strangely enough, the style of the
Harper's and it was interesting, to say the least.

There was Bryce with his unique, "Rockabilly",  hairstyle. It's part Mohawk, part something
really strange. But that's Bryce, he has long walked to the beat of his own drummer, setting
fashion trends along the way. Remember the 'war paint' eye black he wore on his face in
high school that seemed so over the top to be imitated, but lo and behold, nearly every kid
around the country was wearing their eye-black just like Bryce. I'm not sure if kids are going
to be running to their local barbers to get their hair cut like Bryce, but one never knows.

I never knew Bryce had a brother until Monday night. His name is Bryan, 23, and he stood
out  last night because of one thing: his handlebar mustache. Yeah, he's gone retro--
bringing Rollie Fingers back into the game. Bryan is a left-handed pitcher in the Nationals
minor-league system and has be the only player in professional baseball with a stache' like
that. I've never seen a kid that young sporting the handlebar mustache. It's definitely unique.

The father of Bryce and Bryan has style, as well. We didn't see much of his face the whole
night because the cameras were placed behind him as he tossed cut fastballs to Bryce. But
after he and Bryce embraced for the final time, the cameras gave the television audience a
close-up which revealed a sole patch! Yep, the old man has a sole patch. Bryce has the 'rockabilly'
hair cut, Bryan has the handlebar mustache, and dad has a sole patch. How cool is that?

In this day and age of Facebook, Twitter, iPhones, and iPads, nobody seems very much
into style anymore, but it's clear the Harper family is. I used to think they were all about
baseball and not much else, but I was wrong. They are cool