Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The Anthony Weiner show is too good to be cancelled. He is Manti Te'o, the Kardashians, and
Brett Farve rolled into one. The only things missing from this reality extravaganza are Ronnay
Tuisosopo and "little Brett's" purple Crocs.

Is the mayoral candidate a bit shady and off the rails? Perhaps. But in case you haven't noticed,
politics are a cess pool filled with unsavory characters. Have you forgotten about Ron Blagojevich,
Jesse Jackson, Jr., Eliot Spitzer, Mark Sanford, Gary Hart, and, of course, Bubba Clinton? Weiner
just has a slightly bigger than colossal sexting problem. So what? He's just part of the 70 percent
of the country that has that type of addiction.

I mean, Weiner has big balls for throwing himself footlong into the mayoral race after his first
texting scandal. He got embarrassed and knocked on his back, but Weiner got off the canvass
and fought back. That's admirable, especially in a city that loves fighters and a good comeback

Plus, Weiner earned big points for giving us the best alias since Michael Vick used "Ron
Mexico" to pick up his prescription for his little problem that just won't go away. Weiner
used his creative mind and whipped up "Carlos Danger" as his username for all his texting.
Carlos Danger? That is classic. Put that name on the back of an NFL jersey and you'd have
the number one seller even if it was plastered on a Cleveland Browns one.

Weiner's other nickname should be "Talledega" because he's become the NASCAR race
that everyone watches just to see the magnificent 25-car pile up on the final straightaway. This
guy is flying through life without his restrictor plate on. He is throwing caution to the wind and
living like there is no tomorrow, which is probably going to be the case for his political career.

But in this day and age of forgiveness, forgetfulness, and felony ignorance, political careers
have become like one of John Belushi's classic lines in the movie, "Animal House",--"Nothing
is over until I say it is over."

Marion Barry's political career wasn't over after the feds caught the mayor of D.C. smoking
crack with hookers on videotape. He spent some time in the big house and then became mayor
again. Is this a great country or what?

Mark Sanford of South Carolina had an adulterous affair two years ago, but he came back
to win the Governor's seat in May. Politics! I love this game!

Everybody thought Eliot Spitzer torpedoed his political career when he left his black socks
on for his sexual tryst as "Client 9" with a high-priced call girl. Heck, the former New York
governor even got his own show on CNN without having to be a Kardashian. Now, he's
trying to get back into the game as  the comptroller of NYC.

Weiner has the look, the name, and the stand-by-your-man wife that makes for great news
and entertainment. Huma put on a great performance during Tuesday's press conference. She's
either the most loyal, loving, and forgiving person on the planet, or its biggest idiot.

Oh, Huma has worked for Hilary Clinton, who knows a thing or two about putting on the brave
face when her husband did about 100 stupid things.

Whatever the case, the Weiner show must go on. It's too good to end because of
something like this.


  1. Come on... I know this article's tongue-in-cheek, but given the political intelligence of the average American, it could be too dangerous. He personally only ever had one bill passed in his career, which is exceptional given his refusal to do anything unless he gets star billing and given his more immediate, pressing interests. If his wife admits, after being pressured to publicly respond beside Weiner, that it has taken a lot of "hard work" and a "lot of therapy" for her to save their marriage, what can Joe Public expect with this man servicing their interests?

    1. Thanks for recognizing it was tongue-in-cheek. Didn't say he should be the mayor, just said he should continue in the race